Massey Ferguson a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE : AGCO),  has announced the addition of new products in the MF Hay and Forage range this autumn, to further strengthen and expand the range of machines available for farmers and contractors, part of the company’s strategy as a full line manufacturer. The new products will be available for the 2019 season.

The new models comprise an upgraded and new-look MF Fixed Chamber Round Baler range, brand new MF Fixed and Variable Chamber Baler and Wrapper Combination Units and the brand new MF TW 130 Trailed Wrapper.

MF hay and forage machines perfectly represent the quality, reliability, superior design and engineering expertise for which Massey Ferguson is renowned, ideal for the business-oriented farmer who need the productivity and efficiency offered by the MF range.

“Enhancing our forage range to precisely meet the needs of farmers and contractors is our goal, offering solutions to suit their end use or market requirements, their crops, and their terrain, and this is clearly demonstrated in these new machines.”

“With this new introduction and development, we underline our promise of providing our customers and dealers with a full line offer.”

MF RB 3130F and MF RB 3130F Xtracut

The MF RB 3130F features a sleek new appearance, with redesignedside panels enhancing ergonomics and numerous improvements under the covers to improve performance and bale quality. Additional versatility to produce chopped forage for easier feeding and enhanced feed quality is offered by the MF RB 3130F Xtracut.

MF RB 3130F balers use a camless pick-up for high speed feeding with low maintenance requirement. The pick-up system has five tine bars with each one being spaced just 64mm apart, providing higher capacity and a smoother even feed at high speed.

The pick-up is positioned very close to the rotor, improving crop flow and reducing the risk of blockage.

Two large capacity 25cm diameter feeding augers direct crop to the centre to create the best bale shape.

The 18 Special Powergrip rollers in the fixed chamber design ensure constant grip for best bale shape and appearance, now enhanced by mechanical tail gate locks with pressure sensors on both sides to help maintain bale shape. Left-right indication allows the operator to monitor the outer layers of bale via the in-cab screen.

The improved chamber has a spiral-type design with slightly reduced diameter at the front thus improving feeding and bale rotation, increasing density and net grip when wrapping.

Roller support bearings in the bale chamber feature new scrapers, efficiently removing debris andmoisture from the roller bearings and keepingthe outside panels clean.

Designed for optimum performance, Xtracut models can be equipped with 13, 17 or 25 knives. Cutter units are fitted with the longest knives on the market, ensuring that no material will pass through uncut.

Xtracut 17 and 25 versions feature two sets of hydraulically operated knife banks controlled from the cab, allowing the operator to choose a single knife bank, both knife banks or the disengagement of all knives for ultimate flexibility.

Hydroflexcontrol offers a two-stage protection system against crop blockages, using automatic mechanical floor cushioning to clear minor blockages or hydraulically controlled floor lowering to clear major obstructions.

Perfect wrapping is provided by the Varionet system. The tried and tested Varionet net wrapping system features a special net tensioning and spreading device that is capable of dealing with various widths and types of net allowing for fast wrapping of bales from edge to edge or over the edge.

MF RB 3130F and MF RB 3130F Xtracut models replace the MF RB 1125F & MF RB 2125F/ FPR and will feature similar modular design, sharing many components with other models, thus improving production and assembly, increasing reliability and simplifying aftersales support. 

MF RB 3130F baler outstanding features

  • Reliable and high performing baler producing high density 1.25m diameter silage, hay or straw bales
  • Wide 2.00m or 2.25m pick-up and packer rotor ensures optimum capacity in the most demanding crops
  • 5cu.m bale chamber with 18 Powergrip rollers and mechanical tail-gate lock ensures consistent bale shape and density
  • The E-link control system features a number of baler functions activated from the cabfor increased comfort and ease of use for the operator.

MF RB 3130F Xtracut baler outstanding features

  • Reinforced for maximum output and durability demanded by professional operations and contractors
  • The Xtracut cutter features options of 13, 17 or 25 knives, guaranteeing consistent chopping
  • Selectable knife banks on Xtracut 17 and 25 provide consistent efficiency and various cutting settings
  • Increased diameter roller shafts and heavy-duty greaseable bearings in the bale chamber are able to withstand peak loads
  • The E-link control system features a number of baler functions activated from the cab for increased comfort and ease of use for the operator. For additional functionality the E-Link Pro is available as an option.
Model MF RB 3130F/Xtracut
Bale Chamber Fixed
Diameter 1.25m
Pick-up 2.20/2.25m
Knives (Xtracut version) 13,17,25
Power requirement 70hp

MF RB 3130F Protec and MF RB 4160V Protec

The new MF RB 3130F Protec and MF RB 4160V Protec balers combine all the benefits of the MF fixed and variable chamber balers with the addition of an integrated, specially-designed wrapper device for fast, non-stop baling and wrapping on the go.

A lower crop elevation angle for the new combination reduces the overall baler height, improving stability and allowing safer and faster hillside operation. It also reduces back pressure in the feeding area, streamlining crop flow and minimising the risk of blockages.

The new design features two active guiding plates on both sides of the baler clearly directing the bale to the centre of the wrapper plate, allowing for a faster and more secure transfer cycle. For added safety on hillsides the unique slope transfer mode allows for the transfer arm to move more slowly while the wrapper ring is lifted higher to receive the bale. This ensures that that the bale will be securely delivered to the wrapper even on sloping terrain.

In transport mode the wrapper ring is folded forwards, reducing the overall machine length to just 4.7m for safer transport and improved manoeuvrability.

Once the bale is transferred to the centre of the wrapping table, a hydraulically driven wrapping ring begins its rotation even before the tailgate is fully closed, completing the cycle well before the next bale is formed. Designed to withstand the heaviest bale loads, the robust frame with its quiet running gear operates smoothly for trouble-free wrapping, bale after bale.

The wrapping table is lowered for unloading, thus minimising the bale rolling speed, preventing film damage and maintaining the ideal bale shape. An optional bale tipper puts bales on their ends, preventing them from rolling away and making for easier loading on the trailer. The operator can also choose between automatic and manual unloading modes.

An external control panel on the back of the baler allows control of the tailgate, wrapping ring and table and the film pre-stretchers for easy film roll change, maintenance or cleaning.

The E-Link Pro monitor, standard on the MF RB 3130F Protec/ MF RB 4160V Protec (optional for the MF RB 3130F), has integrated ISOBUS technology and features a large bright screen which offers monitoring of multiple parameters, giving the operator more information and control of the baler.

The MF RB 3130F Protec and RB 4160V Protec can also be controlled via the tractor’s ISOBUS monitor, where fitted. The baler wrapper combination is fitted with a rear view camera for better control of wrapper.

MF RB 3130F Protec/ MF RB 4160V Protec fixed/variable chamber baler/wrapper outstanding features

  • Fixed chamber baler producing 1.25m diameter bales with a choice of 2.0 or 2.25m pick-up with camless design offering higher working speed, reduced maintenance and reduced noise levels
  • Variable chamber baler producing bales up to 1.6m diameter with a choice of 2.25m or 2.40m pick-up also with camless design.
  • Xtracut cutter offered with 13, 17 or 25 knives, providing optimum cutting performance in all conditions
  • Fitted wrapper unit for single pass operation and highest fodder quality
  • Unique design foldable wrapping device for reduced transport length offering safe transport
  • Low overall height improves crop flow and work in hilly conditions
  • Twin film dispensers for faster wrapping and increased output
  • Control via the E Link Pro Monitor or tractor ISOBUS terminal
  • Large 620/55R 22.5 tyres for maximum flotation
  MF RB 3130F Protec MF RB 4160V Protec
Chamber diameter 1.25m 0.9m-1.6m
Chamber width 1.23m 1.23m
Rollers 18 N/A
Belt length N/A 11m
Weight 6450kg 6550kg
Hp requirement 140 140
Xtracut 13/17/25 knife option 13/17/25 knife option
Binding Net only Net only

MF TW 130 trailed wrapper

The MF TW 130 trailed wrapper is a new addition to the MF hay and forage range and is ideal for operators who want to wrap bales separately, offering protection and preservation of fodder quality.

A straightforward wrapper with a rigid frame, the MF TW 130 offers an exceptionally low wrapping table and semi-automatic controls for fast and reliable trouble-free operation.

A strong, welded loading arm easily lifts bales up to 1.30m diameter and a weight of up 1000kg with one press of a button.

The required number of film layers can be adjusted to suit conditions and crop while the pre-stretching device is designed to work with 500mm or 750mm rolls and can be set at 55% or 70% stretch for tighter wrapping and reduced film consumption.

Bale discharge is exceptionally gentle, without the risk of damaging the film, thanks to the low wrapping table which tilts close to the ground when unloading bales. An optional bale tipper is available to prevent the bales from rolling in hilly conditions, improving safety and reducing the time required for bale collections in the field.

The right hand side transport wheel can be turned around the centre spindle, extending the overall transport width from 2.50m to 2.85m, increasing overall stability.

The versatile MF TW 130 trailed wrapper is built to last and is capable of handling 1.25m wide bales from 0.9m to 1.30m in diameter.

The simple to use E-Link Basic control offers semi-automatic control of the wrapper loading, wrapping and unloading requires only one push of a button per cycle.

MF TW 130 bale wrapper outstanding features

  • Straightforward, reliable design for trouble-free operation
  • Bales from 0.9 to 1.30m diameter can be wrapped
  • Bale weights up to 1000kg
  • Low wrapping table discharges bales gently
  • Number of film layers can be adjusted to suit conditions and crop
  • Pre-stretcher designed to work with 500mm or 750mm rolls and can be set at 55% or 70% stretch
  • Gentle discharge system eliminates film damage during the unloading process
  • Optional bale tipper prevents bale rolling in hilly conditions
  MF TW 130
Bale diameter 0.90-1.30m
Bale width 1.25m
Max bale weight 1000kg
Machine weight 1080kg
Transport dimensions (LxWxH) 4.7×2.55×2.3m
Hydraulic requirements 1xSA + free return
Tyre size 10/70 – 15.30
Variable stretchers 55%, 70%
Bale counter STD
Rotation counter + audible alarm STD
Bale tipper OPT
Film width 750mm (500mm optional)

Offering a comprehensive range of baling and wrapping options for hay and forage professionals, the new MF baler and wrapper range will be available for the 2019 season.

MF Service support

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Covering finance, extended warranties and servicing, telematics, precision farming technologies and genuine parts, MF Services is your one-stop shop for all existing and future services. Keep your business on track and your equipment up and running.