Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO (NYSE:AGCO), is extending its range of five telehandlers with a new model – the MF TH.8043.

This new model delivers new solutions for the most demanding needs in materials handling across agricultural and industrial applications.

“This additional model represents another important step for Massey Ferguson in this key segment,” said Francesco Quaranta, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East (EME). “The introduction of the new MF TH.8043 is part of our ongoing focus to provide a straightforward and valuable full-line of products and services to our customers and business partners.”

“This new machine is the result of intensive analysis of customers looking for something more from their machine. The new MF TH.8043 delivers superior performance for the most demanding mixed, arable and dairy farming businesses, as well as contractors looking for higher capacity machines designed around their needs. You have to try it to believe it!” he adds.

MF TH.8043 highlights

  • A new dimension in working capacities with a maximum lift height
    of 7.5 m and maximum lift capacity of 4.3 tons
  • New 3500 L bucket -the largest capacity available on the market
  • Brand-new boom design offering superior working angles and capacities. New Automatic boom suspension management
  • High-performance Load Sensing hydraulic system delivering up to 190 l/min across all functions through an optimised design
  • Outstanding accuracy and driving comfort offered by the hydrostatic transmission, featuring an intuitive system to ease operation
  • Uncompromised performance thanks to a 130 hp, 3.4 litre engine
  • Best-in-class visibility and comfort offered by a unique cab design providing a 360 ° view for the operator and reduced noise levels

Compact in size. Big in performance

The new MF TH.8043 features a greater lift height of 7.5 metres, while the maximum lift capacity is now 4300 kg (13 % more compared to the MF TH.7038).

Lift capacity in the most common trailer loading conditions (4 metres of lift height and 2 metres of boom extension) is now an outstanding 4300kg. This significant increase of + 700 kg compared to the MF TH.7038 brings new levels of productivity. The capacity at maximum boom extension has also been enhanced to 1600 kg.  The MF TH.8043 is therefore capable of lifting heavy materials even when the implement is further away from the machine.

Extensive engineering work has been carried out by the R &D department to enable this new machine to reach higher working capacities, while keeping the much appreciated compact dimensions of its little brother, the MF TH.7038.

The overall length remains at under 5 metres and the total width does not exceed 2.36 metres (460/70 R24 tyres).  This, together with the unchanged 2870 mm long wheelbase combine to produce agility, stability and superior working capacities.

“Our engineers carefully optimized key components of our previous range-topping model, such as the boom, the hydraulic system and the transmission, in order to deliver more performance in an overall size that provides agility and stability, ” said Damien Deglaire, Product Line Marketing Leader Massey Ferguson EME.

New boom installation

The boom, a key component of the machine, is not only 50 cm longer to provide greater lift height, but it also benefits from a brand-new headstock design. The innovative Z-shape design provides an uncompromised combination of increased working capacities and complete integration of the system.

This new Z-shape headstock provides greater working angles with an increase of 13° on the dumping angle (49° in total) and an increase of 17° on the total headstock range of movement (159°).

Being fully integrated, the new system does not impact on working capacities or visibility (for example, no interference when loading bales). At the same time, it enhances durability. 

Optimised high performance hydraulic system

The Load Sensing hydraulic system delivers an outstanding 190 l/min of total flow across machine functions, reaching unrivalled levels of productivity and efficiency while reducing fuel consumption.

The lift cylinder benefits from a larger diameter (160 mm) and improved hydraulic pipe routing in order to further enhance lift capacities and reduce cycle times.    

The new MF TH.8043 features BCS – Boom Control System – as a standard equipment. This allows the operator to precisely adjust the flow delivered to boom functions in order to adjust its reactivity when extreme precision is needed. Meanwhile, Cushion Retract ensures smooth operation by reducing the boom flow when it reaches the last few centimetres of its retraction or at maximum crow and dump of the headstock. 

Front auxiliary plugs with quick coupling are part of the standard equipment while a fourth and fifthfunction can be specified as an option via an integrated electric plug.

High performance and low maintenance engine

The MF TH.8043 is powered by a high performance 3.4 litre, four-cylinder, 130hp engine which uses straightforward technology to meet the latest emission regulations. With no need for avariable geometry turbocharger or diesel particulate filter (DPF), the maintenance-free emission regulation system delivers full power at all times.

For farmers working in dusty conditions, a fan inverter is part of the standard equipment and keeps the air inlets clean and the engine cool and working at maximum efficiency. This can be set to operate automatically, depending on air temperature or can be adjusted to work at pre-set time intervals.

An ECO mode improves economy by managing the oil flow and engine rpm to help reduce fuel consumption.

Smooth, comfortable and efficient transmission

The hydrostatic transmission (2 mechanical ranges/2 hydrostatic ranges) delivers a unique combination of accuracy, comfort and efficiency.

SCS – Speed Control System – enables operators to set the forward speed independently of the engine rpm. This ensures optimum performance and efficiency when using implements that require high flow rates, but slow and constant travel speeds.
Meanwhile, AutoShift takes care of automatically downshifting hydrostatic ranges when effort increases, ensuring greater comfort and efficiency.     

Extremely accurate and comfortable when extra precision is needed, the hydrostatic transmission components have been updated in order to offer greater pulling capacity. Now at 7400 kg (+ 700 kg) this allows the operator to transport heavier loads for more productivity.

Stable and durable

The MF TH.8043 and its 2.87 m wheelbase is the reference point in terms of stability and traction in this segment, without compromising on manoeuvrability.

A new rear counterweight of 1280 kg (+ 425 kg compared to the MF TH.8043) ensures unrivalled stability. Its curved design contributes to the machine offering the best manoeuvrability in the segment, with a short turning circle of 3.71 metres.

The MF TH Range has always been recognized for its heavy-duty design including a thick metal plate protection under the machine providing ultimate durability. The new MF TH.8043 continues this tradition and features integral protection underneath the machine as standard.

Comfort and visibility provided by a unique cabin design

Like any Massey Ferguson product, the MF TH.8043 is designed with the operator in mind. The cabin offers best-in-class visibility thanks to an asymmetric right rear pillar and a low-profile bonnet and dashboard. It, features superb 360° visibility from the operator’s seat.

A large door opening offers easy access to a clear and ergonomic operator environment, including a multifunction digital dashboard allowing the operator to precisely and easily set machine functionalities.

Intuitive operation of the boom is provided by a multi-function joystick which also offers the option to control the transmission, shuttling between forward and reverse or to select neutral.

The noise level has been reduced, ensuring a remarkably quiet work environment offering more comfort during the longest working days.

Inside the cabin, a wide palette of options is available to contribute further to operator comfort. This includes a simple and very efficient mechanical air-conditioning system and an extremely comfortable premium suspended seat.

Little things that make the difference

Sometimes small details can make a huge difference when a machine is in daily use.  Massey Ferguson’s clever systems and automations make the operator’s working day simpler and easier.

The Automatic parking brake offersextra safety. It automatically engages the parking brake at low engine revs and when machine is in neutral or switched off.      

Automatic boom suspension seamlessly offers superior operator comfort thanks to an automatic boom suspension activation based on the forward speed.

An optional LED package including work lights, road lights and beacon provides superb visibility in dark conditions, while reducing fuel consumption thanks to matrix LED technology. This technology also integrates sliding effect indicators, inspired by the latest car technology available on the market. 

Flexibility is key

The new MF TH.8043 is highly flexible to fit farming needs. A wide choice of options allows the customer to create a machine that perfectly suits his requirements      

A wide range of implements is available including a brand-new light material high-capacity bucket of 3500 litres. – the largest bucket available today on a telehandler. This increases productivity up to 20 % compared to its previous equivalent.   

Using the optional hydraulically-operated quick-attach headstock system, these implements are attached and removed with ease, without the need to leave the cab.

Equipped with a range of hitches, the MF TH.8043 tows trailers with ease, using a fixed, adjustable or automatic clevis as well as the option of a pick-up hitch.

Wide and comprehensive range

The full MF TH Telehandler Series now offers six models – from the most compact machine to the highest capacities – to meet a broad spectrum of needs.    


New model Hp Lift height Lift capacity Oil flow
MF TH.6030 100 6.00m 3000kg 100L/min
MF TH.7030 100 6.75m 3000kg 100L/min
MF TH.6534 130 6.50m 3400kg 190L/min
MF TH.7035 100 7.00m 3500kg 100L/min
MF TH.7038 130 7.00m 3800kg 190L/min
MF TH.8043 130 7.50m 4300kg 190L/min