The latest Rollant 540 fixed-chamber round baler features new rollers and a stronger chassis, with the choice of net or film wrapping. A new drive concept and outstanding ease of maintenance ensure high performance.

Perfect bale formation with new rollers

The Rollant 540 makes bales with a diameter of 1.25 m and width of 1.22 m. The baling chamber is formed by 16 rollers, made from 4-mm-thick steel plate. The serrated profile of the rollers maintains optimum bale rotation even under moist conditions. Bearing and power transmission functions are performed via specially hardened 50-mm diameter lateral axle stubs on the input drive side. They are flange-mounted on the roller body, and can be individually replaced if necessary.

The tailgate closing rams are arranged horizontally at the sides, resulting in high baling pressures. The new design also reduces the pressure exerted on the tailgate and ram bearing structures. For maximum bale density, forces of up to 180 bar can be applied to the rams.

To further increase density, the Rollant 540 can also be supplied with the MPS II system as an option. With MPS, a segment bearing three of the baling rollers pivots into the chamber for additional bale compression, early bale rotation, and a perfectly uniform bale shape.

Optimum chain lubrication, even during long working days

The baling rollers are driven solely from the left hand side of the machine. Each roller has direct drive, resulting in uniform force distribution to the rollers with a lower power requirement. The rotor and main drive have 1.25-inch drive chains, and the tailgate rollers are driven with a 1-inch chain. The chains have strengthened side sections according to the ASA standard, and new double-row roller bearings made of high-strength steel.

The chains are lubricated via an eccentric pump, with oil supply from a 6.3-l storage tank. Lubrication is applied precisely when and where required, at the rotation points of the chain links. All the lubricating nipples of the MPS and tailgate are combined on the right-hand side. A central lubrication option is also available. The lubrication interval can be set on the control terminal.

High-performance pick-up ensures optimum crop flow

A 2.10-m-wide controlled pick-up retrieves the crop reliably and efficiently, and a double flattening roller is available as optional equipment. This improves crop flow, especially for particularly large and small swaths, and promotes uniform bale formation. Two lateral feed augers provide a reliable supply to the rotor.

The optional chopping mechanism has 15 knives, with a theoretical cut length of 70 mm. The knives can be swung in from the cab, and have individual protection against damage from foreign objects. When blockages occur, the cutting chamber can be lowered with a command from the control terminal. This provides an extremely user-friendly system for the driver, and minimises downtime. There is also a lower power requirement for restarting the mechanism afterwards.

Choice of net or film wrapping

In the Rollant 540, the user has a choice between net and film wrapping. Changing the wrapping mode is a tool-free operation, performed simply by adjusting the side screws of the guide roller. A ramp on the right side of the machine simplifies the task of loading the wrapping system. A replacement roll – either film or net – can also be carried. With the Comfort system as optional equipment, wrapping system settings can be carried out directly from the cab.

For operating the baler, there is a choice between the Claas Communicator, the Operator terminal or the Isobus terminal.