A fully-owned subsidiary of John Deere operating from its base in Ravenna, Italy, Mazzotti is focused on building self-propelled sprayers that offer high customer value. With the support of the John Deere dealer network, Mazzotti has been steadily growing its sales in Europe, as well as entering key markets such as the US, Australia and China.

Following its acquisition by John Deere in 2017, and the integration of its technology, processes, components and parts within the worldwide John Deere sprayer business, Mazzotti has now become an officially endorsed brand. This signifies that customers will receive the same levels of product quality, parts availability and service support throughout the life cycle of the sprayers as they would expect to receive from any other John Deere dealer supplied machine.

While the company’s sprayer models will continue to be separately branded, the logo will now include ‘by John Deere’ underneath the Mazzotti name. The new Mazzotti by John Deere logo was publicly seen for the first time at the 2021 EIMA show in Bologna, Italy in October.

This new brand endorsement is supported by the continual development of the Mazzotti product range, which already features John Deere engines, cabs, the M-Spray dual-circuit solution system and precision ag systems. Parts will now be available through the European Parts Distribution Centre (EPDC) in Germany and all machines supported by the John Deere Dealer Technical Assistance Centre (DTAC) system.

Mazzotti’s MAF self-propelled sprayers sold through selected dealers in the UK & Ireland complement the John Deere model range, which now offers the widest choice of machines in the EU and CIS markets. Mazzotti produces compact, light sprayers with a front cab configuration, and special features including variable ground clearance, independent suspension and the Air Assist spray system.

For 2022 the small MAF 2580, 3180, 3580HP and 4080HP (high-performance) models, with respective tank capacities of 2500, 3000, 3500 and 4000 litres, receive new updated styling, with stronger one-piece side shields and lower profile shielding to allow better ‘over the shoulder’ visibility to the rear and boom from the cab. These machines will also feature improved access to the solution tank and engine, and a new rear axle flow divider option for hydrostatic models that provides increased traction in extreme conditions or for side-hill operation.

The larger MAF 4240, 5240 and 6240 (4000, 5000 and 6000-litre capacity) sprayers will be fitted with the John Deere combine cab for delivery from May 2022.