Mitas launches the new radial tyre AGRITERRA 02 SP (Soil Protector), designed for modern agricultural trailers to maximize the protection of the farmer’s soil. The tyre, launched in the 560/60R22.5 IMP size, is the first in the AGRITERRA range to feature the Very High Flexion (VF) technology.  

The tyre is designed to provide farmers with decreased pressure on the ground and a larger footprint leading to greater soil protection and therefore increased yields. “Due its flexible and very strong VF sidewall construction, the AGRITERRA 02 SP enables safe operation at lower inflation pressures. This increases the tyre’s footprint by up to 25%, in turn reducing soil pressure by up to 20%. It enhances soil condition thanks to significantly reduced soil compaction,” explains Pavel Kott, Product Manager for Mitas agricultural tyres.

With its high load capacity and maximum speed of 65 kilometers per hour, the AGRITERRA 02 SP means fewer journeys are needed to transport loads and also enables fast on-road movement, providing significant time savings. The tyre is suitable for on- and off-road use and its excellent self-cleaning capabilities reduce road soiling when leaving the field.

Due to the special hexagonal bead wire, the tyre is able to operate at lower inflation without limiting its lifespan. Moreover, the AGRITERRA 02 SP tread pattern, with its rounded shoulders, is very gentle on grassland. All these features deliver clear productivity benefits to farmers using agricultural trailers, spreaders, tankers, and other towing equipment for which the new tyre is designed.

“With the AGRITERRA 02 SP, we decided to offer the first trailer radial tyre enhanced with the VF technology we have been successfully using for many years, for example on our tractor tyres. This significantly improves the tyre’s characteristics, offering maximum soil protection together with higher load capacity, with a corresponding positive effect on operating efficiency in terms of money and time savings at the end of the farmer’s day,” says Kott.