Advances in Kverneland disc spreader technology have seen the introduction several new developments.

The first is an integrated hydraulic driveline called intelligent Disc Control (iDC). Currently available only for the Exacta TL GEOSPREAD model, the iDC version uses two individually controlled hydraulic motors – one to power each disc. This sophisticated driveline enables independent disc speed regulation on left and right-hand discs, opening up a range of possibilities for even greater application accuracy.

With headlands accounting for up to 54% of a field’s total area – the smaller the field, the greater the headland percentage – there is a requirement for enhanced spread pattern control during border spreading. And it’s not just on the headland side, but also in-field when border spreading where the full spread pattern has to be maintained.

Using a tractor’s Power Beyond capability, iDC is able to deliver a more consistent disc speed, which is maintained through disc speed monitoring. Without the constraints of a fixed PTO speed to operate a mechanical PTO driveline, tractor fuel efficiency gains are possible as a result of using much lower engine revs when spreading. The iDC spreader is for rear linkage use only, and is priced from £28,849.

Additional capability has been introduced to Kverneland’s weigh cell-equipped Exacta models, enabling the CL GEOSPREAD, TL GEOSPREAD and TLX GEOSPREAD to now be used in a front- and rear-mounted disc spreader combination.

Thanks to advanced software, the weigh-cell spreader’s location as a front-mounted implement is now easily set and conveniently managed through any universal terminal. This flexibility can create payloads of up to 7,000 litres from combining front- and rear-hopper capacities, and also offers the ability to make two separate applications with different fertiliser products, in one pass.

Should the tractor lack a front PTO, the CL GEOSPREAD, TL GEOSPREAD and TLX GEOSPREAD can also be equipped with an optional central hydraulic driveline to replace the PTO shaft. In addition, the ExactLine border spreading device can be specified for mounting on the left- or right-hand side of the spreader, so both machines can manage their border spreading on the same side.