JCB’s mid-range agricultural wheeled loaders have extra power, torque and refinement in a package of upgrades for the new ‘Stage V’ versions that meet latest engine emissions rules.

The JCB 411 Agri, 413S Agri and 417 Agri are now powered by the latest 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX four-cylinder engine, which features the JCB Autostop system to help operators reduce overall fuel consumption by automatically shutting down after a period at idling speed.

The mid-range JCB Agri wheeled loader enhancements comprise:

  • JCB DieselMAX engine meets ‘Stage V’ emissions with single unit DPF/SCR solution
  • Fuel-saving JCB Autostop engine idle shut-down with in-cab timer adjustment
  • Power increase for JCB 417 Agri, more engine power and torque for JCB 413S Agri
  • Rubber cushion-damped steering adds refinement to the driving experience
  • Rear-view camera with dedicated display now standard for driving ease and added safety

JCB Agriculture Managing Director John Smith said: “As part of our ongoing loader development programme, these highly productive machines get a number of features that enhance their performance or improve the operator’s comfort and ease of operation.

“They complement the already high standard specification, which in the quiet and spacious Command Plus cab includes a choice of seating and control formats, and the ability to get to work quickly by carrying out routine daily fluid and other service checks from the seat.

“The latest upgrades add to the appeal of these machines for operators and owners, further strengthening JCB’s leading position in the agricultural materials handling market.”

The JCB 411 Agri and 417 Agri are designed and equipped primarily for hard surface applications, driving through a four-speed JCB Powershift transmission to operate in bulk stores and carrying out routine handling and loading tasks on farms, with the high central driving position affording great all-round visibility.

Weighing 8.7 tonnes, the 411 Agri has High Torque lift arms giving 3.36 metres of load-over clearance with the quick-hitch fitted and a full-turn tipping load of a little more than 5 tonnes with a general purpose 1.2-1.6cu m bucket.

Three loader arm choices are available with the JCB 417 Agri, giving up to 4.2 metre clearance for bale stacking or loading an intake hopper, and a full turn tipping load of around 3.9 tonnes in that configuration, with up to 5.8 tonnes capacity available with a quick-hitch on the standard arms, which will clear 3.3 metres.

The ‘S’ designation of the JCB 413S Agri indicates that this loader is equipped for more demanding applications; it has greater engine power, a six-speed Powershift transmission and optional limited slip differentials front and rear for maximum traction. The combination enables the 413S to generate more muscular levels of pushing power and tractive performance for applications such as silage clamp work and loading manure spreaders in the field, while a near-50kph potential top speed enables it to keep pace with tractors and other agricultural team vehicles on the road.

Weighing typically 8.95 tonnes, it clears 3.61 metres with the optional High Lift loader arms that cater for operators needing to load tall manure spreaders and diet feeders, while the standard arms provide increased torque for improved lifting ability, giving the 413S Agri tipping loads from 4.6 to 5.6 tonnes depending upon the front end configuration.

On all models, optional hydraulic suspension cushions the arms as the loader travels over a rough surface, improving operator ride comfort and minimising the risk of spillages or a load becoming dislodged.

In a previous upgrade, these mid-range loaders benefited from new features first seen on the JCB 435S Agri, the flagship model in the range, and JCB’s high productivity bulk loading shovels.

Now, several of the enhancements introduced with ‘Stage V’ versions of those machines have filtered down the range, including rubber cushioning pads on the front face of the rear chassis near the heavy-duty articulation joint, ‘softening’ the contact when steering to full lock in either direction.

Upgraded seat options with more generously padded cushions add to the operator’s comfort over long working days, and for improved safety and manoeuvring ease – especially when working in and around buildings – a rear-view camera and dedicated in-cab display is fitted as standard equipment.

On the performance front, the JCB 411 Agri and 417 Agri benefit from moving from a 4.4-litre engine to the latest-specification 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX, which is also fitted to the 413S Agri and comes with a single canister SCR and DPF installation to clamp down further on NOx and particulate matter in addition to the existing DOC unit.

Peak power and torque figures for the 411 Agri are unchanged at 109hp (81kW) but the 417 Agri has a 4% increase in maximum power output at 130hp (97kW), while the JCB 413S gets a 5% increase in power output at 150hp (122kW) and 7% more torque at 600Nm.

All three loaders have a wide-core cooling pack and an optional reversible fan with ambient temperature-related hydraulic drive speed adjustment can be added to optimise cooling and fuel efficiency.

Apart from the inherent fuel-use efficiency of the DieselMAX engine’s combustion characteristics, the new Autostop feature mitigates diesel wastage by shutting down the motor after a period at idling speed – as long as certain safety criteria are met. The operator can isolate the system if necessary and vary the delay before shutdown using a dial in the cab.

JCB mid-range wheeled loaders
  411 Agri 417 Agri 413S Agri
Operating weight 8.7 tonnes 9.4 tonnes 8.95 tonnes
Power 109hp (81kW) 130hp (97kW) 150hp (112kW)
Engine 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX 4.8-litre JCB DieselMAX 4.8-litre JCB EcoMAX
Transmission 4-speed powershift 4-speed powershift 6-speed powershift
Speed 40kph 40kph 40/48kph
Hydraulics/Pump 123-litre/min gear 156-litre/min piston 156-litre/min piston pump