Consistency is the key to a good ration mix and ultimately herd performance. To help achieve this Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik (BvL) has introduced a low-cost control unit that allows both the mixing time and mixing speed to be displayed.

The new BvL V-Connect Mixer Control is available across the complete range of BvL diet feeders and can also be retro-fitted to current machines in the field. The Mixer Control is designed to provide the operator with a simple system by which they can display both the mixing auger speed and total revolutions, in addition to displaying and controlling the mixing time, plus it includes an integrated hours counter. Typically, this functionality is only found on diet feeders fitted with higher specification control systems often incorporating a weighing system and automated shut-off.

Instead of having to just rely on the PTO speed setting, by being able to accurately monitor and so adjust the mixing auger speed relative to load density, this gives the operator far more repeatable control of the eventual ration mix consistency, so helping boost and maintain herd performance.