First launched in 1973, the CLAAS JAGUAR forage harvester has gone on to become the world’s leading self-propelled forage harvester, with over 40,000 machines having been produced in that time.

The JAGUAR forage harvester always attracts a large crowd when working at grassland demonstrations and visitors to this year’s Scotgrass event will be able to see two of the latest JAGUAR models being put through their paces. Both machines will bear special 40,000 branding in celebration of this latest production milestone.

In addition to machinery from the extensive CLAAS Tractor and Green Harvest product range, on display at a working event for the first time will be the latest addition to the ROLLANT fixed chamber round baler range, the ROLLANT 540, and the new DISCO MOVE front mower, which can move over a range of 1000mm independent of the tractor linkage.

40,000 JAGUAR forage harvesters

Over the 46 years that it has been in production, the JAGUAR forage harvester has consistently led the way in the development of innovative solutions and outstanding efficiency, resulting in it becoming the world’s leading self-propelled forage harvester.

Since the introduction of the first JAGUAR 60SF in 1973, powered by a 120hp engine, the JAGUAR range has grown and developed to where there is now a total of 11 models offered, in two ranges, with power outputs from 884hp down to 408hp.

As CLAAS continue to lead the way in forage harvester technology, the latest development is the announcement of the JAGUAR TERRA TRAC, which uses an innovative version of the long established rubber tracked TERRA TRAC crawler system originally introduced on LEXION combines.

New ROLLANT 540 round baler

New for this season, ROLLANT 540 fixed chamber round baler range features new rollers and a stronger chassis, with the choice of net or film wrapping. A new drive concept and outstanding ease of maintenance ensure high performance and a long service life.

The redesigned baling chamber on the ROLLANT 540 has 15 rollers and makes bales with a diameter of 1.22m and width of 1.25m. The serrated profile of the rollers maintains optimum bale rotation even under moist conditions. The rollers are fitted with specially hardened 50mm stub shafts, which are bolted to the roller body and can be individually replaced if necessary. The rollers which have the most load are fitted with new double race bearings for a longer service life.

The tailgate closing rams are horizontally mounted, resulting in high baling pressures. For maximum bale density, pressure of up to 180 bar can be applied to the rams.

Options include the MPS II system, where three of the chamber rollers pivot into the chamber for additional bale compression, early bale rotation, and a perfectly uniform bale shape.

The baling rollers are driven from the left side of the machine and each roller has direct drive, resulting in uniform force distribution to the rollers with a lower power requirement. The rotor and main drive have 1.25-inch drive chains, and the tailgate rollers are driven with a 1-inch chain.

The chains are lubricated via an eccentric pump and all the lubricating nipples of the MPS and tailgate are combined on the right-hand side. A central lubrication option is also available.

On ROTO-CUT versions the chopping mechanism has 15 knives, with a theoretical cut length of 70 mm. The knives have individual protection against foreign objects and can be swung in from the cab, and should a blockage occur, the cutting floor can be lowered with a command from the control terminal.

Both film or net can be used with the ROLLANT 540 and a ramp on the right side of the machine simplifies the task of loading the wrapping system. For operating the baler, there is a choice between the CLAAS COMMUNICATOR, the OPERATOR terminal or a tractor ISOBUS terminal.

New DISCO MOVE front mower

Also on display will be the new DISCO MOVE front mower, which incorporates an innovative  new design that allows the mower to move over a range of 1,000mm independent of the tractor linkage, so ensuring optimum contour following in the most uneven of fields.

The DISCO 3200 MOVE has a working width of 3.0m and is available both with (FC) and without (F) a tined conditioner. The DISCO MOVE mower incorporates a completely new design of headstock giving up to 600 mm of upward travel and 400 mm downward for improved contour following. The mower unit is also able to pivot laterally from the central pivot point, which is set at a 30-degree angle. As a result, the mowing unit can swing backwards at a slight diagonal angle to avoid obstacles.

The mower bed is able torespond very quickly to finer ground contours thanks to the tried and proven lower pivot point from the current PROFIL range. The new headstock combined with the low pivot point assures excellent contour following, especially for larger tractors and at higher speeds.

The tractor’s front linkage remains in a fixed position and has no effect on the ground contour following. The headstock can be coupled either directly to the tractor front linkage or using an A-Frame and the hydraulics integrated in the headstock also take over the function of raising the mower bed at the headland using a single acting hydraulic service from the tractor.

The headstock also includes integrated ACTIVE FLOAT hydraulic suspension as standard, eliminating the need for suspension spring coupling points on the tractor and the suspension pressure can be adjusted at any time while working. On request, the DISCO MOVE control mechanism can be incorporated into the control unit of large-scale triple mowers. The mower is then controlled centrally via the operating terminal, and the rear mower takes over the function of regulating the ACTIVE FLOAT suspension.