CLAAS UK is to expand the TORION range of wheel loaders with the addition of two compact models, following the initial successful introduction of the medium and large frame versions.

The new TORION 639 and 535 are compact wheel loaders with articulated steering and a low overall height of less than 2.5m, making them ideal for use on livestock and dairy farms, or for smaller re-handling facilities.

Both the TORION 639 and 535 are powered by Yanmar 3.3 litre, 4-cylinder engines with power outputs of 68hp and 63hp respectively. These engines are Stage 3B compliant using the combination of a Diesel Oxidation Catalytic convertor (DOC) and Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), without the need for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Drive is through a 20kph hydrostatic transmission with two speed ranges of 0-6kph and 0-20kph, which are selected at the flick of a switch.

The articulated joint incorporates a double-acting steering ram. Articulation angle is 10° and the steering angle is 40°, resulting in a tight inner turning circle of just 2.5m on standard tyres.

At maximum articulation, the TORION 535 has a Full Turn Tipping Load (FTTL) of 3450kg, rising to 3850kg for the TORION 639. In common with many other wheel loaders of this size, both machines are fitted with a Zettlemeyer Wide (TPZ Wide) headstock. As with other models in the TORION range, the boom has Z kinematics, which provides true parallel lift when used with buckets or pallet forks and a high tear-out force.

The hydraulic system on the TORION 639/535 has a maximum capacity of 77 litres/minute and 70 litres/minute respectively, both with an operating pressure of 230 bar, so ensuring a fast response for quick and accurate loading.

The cab features a full height front windscreen, giving excellent visibility over the front wheels and attachments fitted to the tapered boom. A rounded rear window provides clear rearward visibility.

The steering column is infinitely adjustable for ease of operation and access, with all the main controls easily accessible and colour coded on the operator’s right hand side, alongside the joystick.

2020 Model overview

TORION   535 639 1177 1410 1511 1812 1914
Operating weight t 5.2 5.6 12.6 13.9 14.3 18.7 19.5
Tipping load

(fully articulated)

t 3.45 3.85 7.75 9.1 9.75 11.1 12.4
Kinematics   Z Z P/Z P/Z P/Z agri/Z agri/Z
Max. output

(SAE J1995)

hp 63 68 140 155 167 195 228
Drive   Hydrostat Hydrostat VARI-