Fendt has launched a new electric tractor designed for use in vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and urban areas. The battery powered e107 V Vario benefits from Fendt’s Vario transmission and the FendtONE operating system. The power unit produces 90 horsepower which enables it to reach up to 40km/h.

The 100kWh battery will power the e107 V for between 4 and 7 hours and it will charge from 20% to 80% in just 45 minutes. AGCO is already working on a ‘range extender’ to offer longer operating times in the future. However, the tractor already benefits from a foot switch that enables the tractor to regenerate and recycle power.

At just 1.07 metres wide and 2.45 metres high, the e107 is compact and is exceptionally quiet, making it well suited for use around livestock and in public areas. Being electric it will appeal to operators looking to achieve carbon neutral or negative status and is likely to appeal to farms able to create electricity through wind, water, or AD.

The e107 V has three operating modes – Eco, Dynamic and Dynamic+. Eco is for lower power applications and Dynamic is for more power intensive work, with the + function only used to make additional power available for a limited period when the tractor is under strain. The battery also benefits from Fendt’s thermal management which prevents extreme temperatures affecting tractor performance.

Existing Fendt customers will be pleased to know that the e107 V is compatible with all current Fendt implements and there is both a front and rear PTO. There are three fully-fledged attachment spaces and up to six independent hydraulic valves in the centre, as well as four hydraulic valves in the rear.

The 4-post cab of the e107 V Vario offers plenty of headroom and the large door gives easy access. There is no exhaust pipe, which provides better all-round visibility, and operators will also be able to preheat or cool the cab and take advantage of heated front and rear windows to offer better visibility in cold conditions.

The e100 V is packed full of useful technology, largely lifted from its diesel-powered family. FendtONE onboard includes a multifunction joystick, 10 inch digital dashboard, 12 inch terminal in the headliner and an optional 3L joystick. Operators will also benefit from the Fendt Guide guidance system, automatic section control and variable rate control which can all be selected using individually assignable tiles in the terminal.

For the first time, all machines in a series are connected to the Fendt telemetry system which feed speed, hours, battery life and service data to the FendtONE offboard system.

The e107 Vario is equipped with specially designed Trelleborg low rolling resistance tyres. A 280/70R16 for the front and 380/70R24 have been developed to help improve power transfer and save battery power.

The e107 Vario can be ordered from Agritechnica 2023 and will be produced at the Marktoberdorf tractor factory from the fourth quarter of 2024.