Driving rotary mower development, Spearhead Machinery will launch two new Multicut models at the 2022 Agromek agricultural fair in Denmark. The new Multicut 480 and Multicut 650 are the first models to incorporate a flat top skin – welcome news for Spearhead loyalists.

The UK manufacturer has a longstanding reputation for working closely with its customers. Spearhead encourages those in the field to constantly feedback meaningful improvement ideas.

Whilst all Multicut models ensure high performance with a flat underside, customers have been calling for a flat top. The new Multicut 480 (replacing the 460) and Multicut 650 (replacing the 620) deliver exactly this.

Flat top benefits are twofold. With an entirely level deck, debris continually blows off the mower, leaving little to sweep off. Plus, free of build-up, unwanted seeds don’t transfer to other crops.

Entry level and professional models

Providing specification choice, both the 480 and 650 have an Ecoline and a Proline version.

Ecoline suits less intense usage, such as grass topping. Finished in Spearhead green, these Multicuts have standard wheels, fixed axles, and three blades per rotor.

Designed for tougher environments or more intense use, dark grey Proline Multicuts offer a higher specification. This includes wide wheels, walking axles, and Hydragas suspension – all ensuring more stable performance on rough ground. Proline also includes Spearhead’s award-winning six-blade Starcut Knife system. This achieves faster cutting and a smaller mulch that breaks down quickly.

Popular for stubble management, Proline Multicuts also suit those mulching cover crops for sustainable green manuring schemes.

Same tough gearbox (and seven-year warranty)

 True to Multicut strength, the new 480 and 650 house the sturdy EZ165 (165HP) gearbox. Delivering 30% more power than competitive gearboxes, these key components now run cooler and are boosted by oversized shafts and gears.

Meanwhile, lower seal protection minimises the risk of ingress from debris, whilst an industry-leading 7-year warranty comes as standard.

Comments Antony Prince, Director of Sales and Marketing at Spearhead: “The launch of these new Multicut models – complete with flat top skins and the best possible gearbox warranty – demonstrates our commitment to relentlessly lead the market for quality, performance-built flex wing rotary mowers. Central for us is collaborating with our customers. They constantly highlight specific developments that could make their lives easier and get the job done faster. Focusing on the most effective improvements creates a winning situation for Spearhead and all those who choose our machinery.”