Kuhn Farm Machinery has upgraded its range of Profile trailed mixer wagons with the addition of a telescoping and tilting distribution conveyor belt.

The patented Flexilift conveyor is available as an alternative to a standard cross-conveyor on all new Kuhn Profile mixer wagons and is designed to make it easier to distribute feed in buildings where space is limited: the reversible, cradle-shaped conveyor can be offset laterally via a telescoping mechanism to distribute feed to either side of the mixer wagon.  One end of the conveyor (either left or right as determined when ordering the machine) can also be tilted by up to 45 degrees, enabling feed to be delivered to troughs up to 1.2-1.3 metres in height.

“Unlike other variable height distribution systems which typically use two separate conveyors – one cross-conveyor and one tilting belt – the Flexilift system uses a single, continuous belt to ensure all feed is distributed cleanly and accurately without any material being lost in the joint between two separate conveyors,” explains Kuhn product specialist, Katie Calcutt.

The tilting end of the Flexilift conveyor is raised and lowered by a connecting rod system which enables feed to be distributed at a range of heights without the conveyor needing to extend beyond the mixer wagon’s original footprint.

The conveyor itself uses an endless PVC belt with a vulcanised weld for extended product longevity.  It is driven by two hydraulic motors – one at each end of the conveyor – for improved belt traction irrespective of which side feed is being distributed to.  “Unlike stapled seams which can be prone to premature wear, the Flexilift system uses a hard-wearing, vulcanised belt for added longevity and reduced wear and tear,” Katie adds.

For a short video of the Flexilift conveyor being demonstrated go to https://youtu.be/43Ug39NoOow