CLAAS UK has introduced CEMIS 1200, a new generation of ‘smart’ terminal for steering, data transfer and precision applications.

Replacing the current S10 terminal, the new CEMIS 1200 has been developed in-house by CLAAS. While the design follows that of the CLAAS CEBIS TOUCH terminal and features a 12 inch multi-touch screen with a similar layout, the receiver and steering technology used within CEMIS 1200 has been developed in collaboration with Trimble. This has the benefit that by using their well proven steering technology, development cost is reduced which enables the CEMIS 1200 to be available at a competitive price.

CEMIS 1200 will be available on the complete range of CLAAS combines, forage harvesters and tractors and can be specified as a factory-fit option. For operators not needing all the functionality of the CEMIS 1200, the CLAAS S7 terminal will still be available, but only as a retro-fit option.

In addition to being used as a standard Universal Terminal (ISO-UT) for ISOBUS compatible implements, each CEMIS 1200 ISOBUS terminal comes ready for use with the ISO-TC Basic task management function. This enables the ISO XML two-way Online File Transfer of data via the Cloud-based CLAAS TELEMATICS API system between the terminal in the machine and farm software in the office, so ensuring instant and safe transfer of data. The CEMIS 1200 is already compatible with HL Hutchinsons OMNIA farm management software and others will become available as software programmes are updated over the coming months.

Further ISO functions that are available using an unlock code for immediate use are:

  • TC-SC which enables the CEMIS 1200 to be used for section control with compatible devices
  • TC-GEO allows the CEMIS 1200 to be used for data recording and the transfer of this data for mapping
  • The Variable Rate Application (VRA) enables the CEMIS 1200 to be used as a controller for implements fitted with variable rate capability