Kuhn Farm Machinery has announced the launch of the next generation of its Maxima precision seed drills.

Available in 6 to 12 row versions and capable of drilling maize, sunflower, beetroot, sugar beet, peas, beans, onions and other crops with row spacings from 37.5 to 80cm, the new Maxima 3 range comprises 12 models in a choice of configurations including telescopic, trailed, foldable and telescopic with adjustable spacing.

The new Maxima 3 drills use an improved seed selection and ejection system which enables accurate seed placement at working speeds of up to 10km/h.  Accuracy is also enhanced by a new seeding unit parallelogram which is reinforced in key areas, including at critical hinges and linkages, for added stability, robustness and longevity.

A new coulter pressure system, capable of producing up to 180kg of downward pressure, also enhances seeding accuracy by ensuring consistent depth control.

The Maxima 3 range also boasts an electrically driven seed metering system which allows application rates to be adjusted manually on the move or in accordance with a pre-prescribed seeding map.  The electrically operated system also enables GPS or manually controlled row shut-off.

The Maxima 3 can be controlled via Kuhn’s simple and intuitive KMS 548 control panel, and is also compatible with Kuhn’s Isobus CCI 50 and CCI 1200 terminals, the latter of which allows two different control interfaces to be viewed simultaneously on the same screen for ease of use.

Each seeding unit’s settings (depth, ground pressure, furrow closing, etc.) can be adjusted easily and quickly by hand and without the need for any specialist tools.  This not only makes setting the machine up more efficient, but also makes maintenance tasks less time consuming.

A wide choice of optional equipment, including angle-adjustable V-MAX rear closing wheels which provide a furrow closing pressure of up to 45kg, fertiliser hoppers, front, rear and intermediate press wheels, clod cleaners and trash wipers is also available.

Retail prices for the new range start at £23,345 for the Maxima 3 TS 6-row machine in maize drilling configuration.