Hi-Spec Engineering has extended its range of slurry application equipment with the introduction of a new chassis mounted Dribble Bar. This comes at a time when the value of slurry as a source of nitrogen and other nutrients has been brought sharply into focus following the recent hike in price for compound fertilisers.

However, if the maximum benefit is to be gained from the use of slurry, care needs to be taken as to how it is applied. By placing the slurry on the ground, dribble bars and other forms of low emission slurry spreading, firstly reduce the risk of run-off but also minimise the amount of nitrogen lost into the air in the form of ammonia.

The new Hi-Spec Dribble Bar has a working width of 7.5 metres, and folds down to just 2.55m for transport. It features 30 flat hose outlets, 25cm apart. Feed to each of the outlets is via a Hi-Spec distributor with an integrated stone trap.

The Dribble Bar frame is fully galvanised and is fitted with an LED lighting bar for safe travel on the road between farm and field. Each of the arms incorporate a sprung breakback mechanism to prevent any damage to the arm in the event of a collision. Weighing just 520kgs, the Dribble Bar is chassis mounted, which has the benefit of spreading the weight closer to the tanker axle and avoids any stress on the tanker barrel or the rear door.

The design includes a splash plate with a 6 inch feed and two blanked off 6 inch filling points for optimum functionality. The Dribble Bar only requires a single double-acting spool valve and is operated using a diverter control to switch between lifting/lowering the arms and operating the distributor and gate valve.