New Holland Agriculture further widens the extensive T6 range with 3 new 6-cylinder models: the T6.180 Auto Command™ and the T6.180 Dynamic Command™, which will make their first appearance in the French market at SIMA, and the new T6.160 Electro Command that will be presented to the public for the first time at the Paris exhibition.

Sean Lennon, head of the tractors product line, explains: “New Holland has a proud history of leadership in this segment, with extensive choice and a unique offering. The new 6-cylinder model introduces a new level of performance into this segment with a highly versatile tractor that delivers more torque, more engine braking and more stability. Today there is more choice than ever for our customers, and a T6 that matches the requirements of every farming operation.”

6-cylinder performance now matched to the award-winning Auto Command and Dynamic Command transmissions

The new models introduce a new level of performance to the T6 range, with the powerful NEF 6-cylinder 6.7 litre engine, a robust and proven solution from the longstanding NEF family widely adopted on T6 and T7 tractors.

The new engine features an optimized EGR-free combustion for efficient operation, coupled with an HI-eSCR after-treatment system to comply with Stage IV (Tier 4B) emissions standards – a patented and maintenance-free solution that delivers reduced operating costs.

Thanks to the 6-cylinder engine, the T6.180 delivers up to 12% higher torque than 4-cylinder models, with low-end end torque that significantly helps in pulling away performance, and increased torque at mid engine speeds, which improves engine lugging in transport and field applications. The new 6-cylinder engine delivers maximum torque of 740Nm at 1500rpm, compared to the 700 Nm of the 4-cylinder.

In addition, the larger displacement of the new engine results in more effective engine braking in downhill operation and transport, with 50% higher brake capability compared to that of the 4-cylinder engine.

The exhaust brake option that is also available on both the 4- and 6-cylinder models increases engine braking by a further 24%.

New T6 models consolidate New Holland’s leadership of the segment’s 6-cylinder tractors

With the T6 new models, New Holland consolidates its historical leadership of 6-cylinder tractors in the 100-150 hp segment, built on a heritage dating back to the Ford 10 Series and 40 Series through to the T6 introduced in 2013. Today New Holland is the only brand to offer a 6-cylinder tractor in this segment.

Model Number of cylinders T6 Electro Command T6 Dynamic Command T6 Auto Command Max. hp Rated Power hp
(* with EPM)
T6.125 4 X     125 116
T6.145 4 X X X 145* 116
T6.155 4 X X X 155* 125
T6.165 4 X X X 165* 135
T6.160 6 NEW     165* 135
T6.175 4 X X X 175* 145
T6.180 6 X NEW NEW 175* 145

Maximum efficiency and productivity with Ground Speed Management II, IntelliTurn™ integration into the advanced Headland Turn System (HTS II) and ISOBUS capability

Ground Speed Management II

At SIMA, New Holland will launch the new Ground Speed Management II, which adds to the already proven Best-in-Class efficiency of the T6 Dynamic Command tractor. An industry first when it was launched,Ground Speed Management introduced CVT logic to a powershift tractor. Now in its second generation, the GSM II control package exclusive to New Holland brings new and unique features to the New Holland Dynamic Command tractor while maintaining the fundamental GSM target to increase efficiency. The interface is similar to the Auto Command, with speed adjustment on the ergonomic CommandGrip™ multi-function handle, target speeds adjustable on a thumbwheel, Cruise Control, and a clear and concise display of information. The performance can be adjusted to prioritise Power/output or Economy. GSM II works both for PTO and non-PTO implements, in Field Mode and Transport Mode, and the tractor retains a traditional Auto Shift Mode option. It is available as a factory-fitted option or unlocked T6 Dynamic Command models installed with IntelliView IV and full CommandGrip.

HTS II and IntelliTurn Integration

Customers using a T6 Auto Command and T6 Dynamic Command with IntelliTurn will now have the option to automate the start of the HTS II function. A new configuration option is available that triggers the start of the HTS II function based on distance from the headland or field boundary when used in conjunction with IntelliTurn. The integration of these two functions results in a completely automated end-of-row turn and implement function sequencing, ensuring efficient and consistent end-of-row turns across the entire field.

ISOBUS III capability

The T6 Auto Command and Dynamic Command models can be offered with ISOBUS Class 3 capability, which enables the implement to communicate and control the tractor’s PTO, hitch, EHR control, steering, speed, and front hitch and PTO. For example, hitched to a New Holland round baler with IntelliBale™, the baler itself can stop the tractor when a bale is formed, eject the bale and close the tailgate. The driver is left to simply press the shuttle button to recommence baling.