New Holland’s CR Revelation combine range consolidates its supremacy with a power upgrade and a host of improvements that further raise its efficiency and best-in-class grain quality. It also introduces the industry-leading ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology to comply with Stage V emissions standards, maintaining the excellent fuel economy of the previous models.

Lars Skjoldager Sørensen, crop harvesting product management, said: “The CR Revelation combine range keeps raising the bar on performance and grain quality. We are constantly striving to increase our customers’ productivity and profitability: we have made more than 100 quality improvements in the last 24 months only – in addition to the IntelliSense™ automation system, which took automation to a new level when we introduced it last year. The CR Revelation reigns supreme as the combine for the large-scale farmer who wants the best harvest performance, grain quality and Total Cost of Ownership in the industry.”

Power upgrades of up to 5% boost performance across most of the range

New Holland is following the power upgrade on the CR10.90 and the CR8.80 with increases across the rest of the range. At the low end of the range, CR7.80 and CR7.90 have been uprated by 14 hp and 11 hp respectively. The CR8.90 now runs a Cursor 13 engine that develops 544 hp – 27 hp more than previously, while the CR 9.80 and CR 9.90 benefit from an additional 29 hp, reaching 600 hp.

The CR 8.80 and CR10.90 maintain their powerful performance with maximum power of 517 hp and 700 hp respectively.

Up to 25% more productivity in the last 5 years, extended harvest window and increased grain transport capacity

The CR Revelation range continues to build on the strong heritage of 45 years of experience with its groundbreaking Twin Rotor technology. This continuous improvement has resulted in an increase in its harvesting productivity of up to 25% in the last five years. In addition, the harvest window of the CR can be extended, starting earlier in the morning and finishing later in the night, further contributing to the combine’s high daily productivity.

The threshing efficiency of the 17” rotor on the CR7.80, CR7.90 and CR8.80 models has been improved with new 20 mm higher crop covers and increased beater speed. It also features an adjustable beater grate, which can be opened and closed in minutes. It has been opened further to provide 0.26 m2 additional separation surface (a 75% increase) resulting in greater productivity. These improvements deliver a 10% increase in these models’ capacity.

The heavy-duty, high-capacity 22” rotor on the four models at the top of the range also benefit from the increase in beater speed, which contributes to further improving the combine’s productivity and a 5% capacity increase.

The new high-capacity grain elevator on the 14,500-litre grain tank of the top-of-the-range CR9.90 and CR10.90 increases the combine’s grain transport volume by 10%. This enables higher harvesting speeds in high yielding crops, boosting further the massive efficiency and productivity of these models.

Industry-leading technology for fuel-efficient Stage V compliance

The CR Revelation range complies with Stage V emissions standards with the industry-leading ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR 2 technology, which maintains the excellent fuel efficiency of the previous models. Combined with the long, 600-hour service intervals, this contributes to the low operating costs of the combine.

 Cab interior refresh improves visibility and operator experience

The cab interior of the CR Revelation has been refreshed with a new, darker color scheme that reduces reflection on the windscreen, improving visibility. The brushed aluminium finish of the dashboard gives the cab a premium automotive feel. The dark colored liners are less sensitive to stains and dirt. 



MAX. POWER kW/hp Graintank litres
CR 7.80 Stage V 17“ 275/374 305/415 10,500
CR 7.90 Stage V 17“ 308/419 338/460 11,500
CR 8.80 Stage V 17“ 345/469 380/517 11,500 (Everest)


CR 8.90 Stage V 22“ 365/496 400/544 11,500 (Everest)


CR 9.80 Stage V 22“ 400/544 441/600 11,500 (Everest)


CR 9.90 Stage V 22“ 400/544 441/600 14,500
CR 10.90 Stage V 22“ 470/639 515/700 14,500