New Holland’s new CR Revelation combine range takes automation to a new level with the award-winning IntelliSense system and introduces a host of improvements that further consolidates the supremacy of the world’s highest capacity combine.

Lars Skjoldager Sørensen, head of harvesting product line, said: “The CR Revelation combine is once again setting the industry’s benchmark: the world record holder and most productive and high-capacity combine in the world has taken efficiency to an entirely new level, significantly cutting harvesting costs through reduced losses and best-in-class grain sample. It has made a significant step forward in automation, taking over decision making from the driver to optimize output, grain quality and operator comfort.”

IntelliSense automation system maximises throughput, minimises losses and damaged grain

The CR Revelation combines feature New Holland’s IntelliSense pro-active and automatic combine setting system, which takes automation to a new level to address a combine operator’s big challenge of maintaining maximum throughput while keeping losses and damaged grain to a minimum. This ground breaking feature – winner ofthe Silver Medal at the Agritechnica Innovation Award 2017 – delivers significant advantages to the customers’ productivity: increased daily output, reduced grain loss and improved grain quality. It also introduces important benefits for the operator: fewer decisions to take, better comfort and driver confidence, less fatigue and a simple user interface.

With IntelliSense, the operator can choose from four strategies: Limited Loss, Best Grain Quality, Maximum Capacity, or Fixed Throughput. The patented cleaning shoe sensors provide very precise measurements of the load, and based on this data the combine will proactively constantly adapt Twin Rotor™ speed and vane angle, fan speed and the opening of pre-sieve, upper and lower sieve to automatically deliver the desired result.

The patented automatic rotor vane adjustment improves the rotor’s power efficiency without impacting the threshing and separation settings, resulting in greater fuel savings and performance.

Customer clinics conducted in France and Germany in 2017 generated extremely positive feedback. Participating customers found the system to be intuitive and easy to use, said it gave them great confidence, and indicated it would be a big help for new or less experienced drivers. They also remarked that it delivered a true increase in performance and grain quality.

IntelliCruise™ II automatic crop feeding system improvements deliver better response and system stability

The CR Revelation’s IntelliCruise crop feeding system, which automatically matches the forward speed to crop load, now features automated ground speed functions and offers a choice of three harvesting strategies, enabling the operator to achieve the desired result. The new Maximum Capacity strategy increases the combine’s ground speed to reach maximum engine load or maximum ground speed. The Fixed Throughput strategy varies ground speed to maintain a pre-set load on the combine, so that productivity remains constant in varying yields. The Limited Loss strategy varies ground speed to maintain a set flow, but if losses become excessive, throughput is reduced to limit losses.  Three settings are available to adjust the boundaries of the IntelliCruise system: Maximum engine load, Maximum ground speed and Feed rate sensitivity setting, which enables the operator to define the responsiveness of the system.

CR Revelation expands range with new CR7.80

 New Holland extends its CR Revelation range with a new entry level model, the CR7.80, powered by the Cursor 9 Common Rail engine with 265 kW (360hp) rated power and 295 kW (401 hp) maximum power. The new model features a cleaning shoe with single return. With a 750-litre fuel tank, a 9,500-litre grain tank and a high unloading speed of 126 litres/second, it delivers a highly efficient performance.

New Ground Drive with two-speed gearbox delivers more traction and faster reaction

The new CR Revelation features a new Ground Drive with a two-speed gearbox, integrated wet brakes, a bigger hydrostatic pump, and electrohydraulic differential lock operation. The gearbox offers two speed ranges – one for field work, from 0 to 17 kph, and one for road travel from zero to the maximum speed, which is set at the factory according to local regulations in each market. Maximum speed is reached at reduced rpm, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

The new two-speed ground drive delivers more tractive effort, improved hill climbing and faster response due to the bigger hydrostatic pump. There is no need to stop to shift gears, in field operation or road travel, increasing the combine’s efficiency.

The wet brakes and servo valve improve braking control and add to the machine’s safety features, which also include the new double acting park brake. The wet brakes also ensure that braking performance is maintained for the entire life cycle with no brake pads replacement or calliper maintenance, resulting in lower operating costs. They are integrated and fully sealed off from dust and dirt, eliminating the risk of contamination.

A new remotely controlled electrohydraulic differential lock is available. It is effortlessly operated by a foot switch in the cab. It remains engaged under hydraulic pressure, and bevelled teeth on the lock jaw coupler ensure it is actively disengaged when the diff lock is switched off in the cab.

CR 7.80 Tier 4B 17“ 265/360 295/401 9,500
CR 7.90 Tier4B 17“ 300/408 330/449 9,500     (11,500 opt.)
CR 8.80 Tier 4B 17“ 345/469 380/517 12,500
CR 8.90 Tier 4B 22“ 345/469 380/517 12,500
CR 9.80 Tier 4B 22“ 390/530 420/571 12,500
CR 9.90 Tier 4B 22“ 390/530 420/571 14,500
CR 10.90 Tier 4B 22“ 470/639 515/700 14,500