New Holland Agriculture launches the new T8 GENESIS® Series tractor with Precision Land Management (PLM™) Intelligence, New Holland’s intuitive precision farming platform. The platform is designed in-house, offering customers and dealers a new level of machine utilisation and management.

The new-generation T8 GENESIS® with PLM Intelligence™ can adapt to every individual farmer’s unique needs with features ranging from advanced connectivity between operators, vehicles and dealers to improve productivity and reduce downtime, to customizable controls, improved visibility and enhanced comfort.

New Holland has also increased the degree of integration of its MyNew Holland™ portal with its various online resources to support its customers and dealers. The renewed portal and the new MyNew Holland™ app provide 24/7 access to service support and a world of information and services that will help the customer maximize their equipment’s productivity and run their farming operation efficiently.

“When the Genesis tractor, known in Europe as Series 70, was launched over 25 years ago it was a step change in tractor design. The new T8 GENESIS® with PLM Intelligence™ is a further step forward in tractor design, engineered for the way farmers work and based on extensive research with our customers,” explains Sean Lennon, Head of Tractor Product Management. “It connects the smart implement to the farm office, and now with ISOBUS Class III, allows greater utilisation of both tractor and implement. We have redesigned the cab listening to our customers, both in Europe and further afield, to create a productive and customisable operator experience, with next-generation intuitive controls, the new SideWinderTM Ultra armrest and IntelliView 12 display.”

Personalisation at its best with the SideWinderTM Ultra armrest and IntelliViewTM 12 display

Although packed with new features and technology, the new T8 will carry on the New Holland tradition of delivering an intuitive ‘jump on & drive’ experience for the operator. From the ergonomic new SideWinder™ Ultra armrest with its keypads ‘zoned’ for Media and Climate control to the Hitch controls and Shortcut keys that allow for one touch navigation to adjustment menus. Hydraulic remote valves can be assigned to the paddles or joystick of the driver’s choice and individual tractor settings can be stored against an implement name and recalled instantly when switching between tasks.

The all-new four pillar cab frame ensures maximum visibility, enhanced further by strategically placed cameras around the T8 that make it easy to navigate from fields onto busy roads and keep a close eye on implements at the rear. The new InfoView™ instrument display is positioned in direct line-of-sight on the front console. New 360-degree LED work lights provide a stadium level of lighting, delivering up to 30% more visible light and configurable memories allows the required lighting coverage to be easily selected. Customers and operators will appreciate the increase in accessible storage, more power ports and vents, egress lights, and a choice of seat technology for optimal comfort.

The next generation of fully integrated Precision Land Management solutions

The most innovative features extend far beyond the cab with the complete integration of New Holland’s advanced PLM platform. New Holland’s approach to precision farming solutions can be summed up in four words: Open, Connected, Smart, Supported. PLM Intelligence takes them to a new level, utilising MyPLM™Connect and Data Sharing partners to keep the farmer completely connected with their trusted agronomy software packages. Using the simple tablet-based user interface, the farmer is able to share and analyse data, and now also enjoy enhanced support functionality through their New Holland Dealer, getting more done with ease.

Machine management and utilisation is enhanced through the New Holland IntelliView Connect, a Remote Display Access, and New Holland Remote Assistance, a Remote Service Tool. Updating the PLM Intelligence operating system software is also possible over the air, like a smartphone.

New Holland IntelliView Connect allows either the farm manager or dealer to remotely view the IntelliView 12 display and monitor T8 performance in real-time, ensuring productivity and uptime. New Holland dealers can proactively manage their customer’s fleet with New Holland Remote Assistance, identifying maintenance requirements closer to the service interval and reducing travel time.

Stage V compliance with Cursor 9 engine and maintenance-free ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR2 technology

The new T8 GENESIS® features the 8.7-litre Cursor 9 engine developed by FPT Industrial. It meets Stage V emissions standards with the highly fuel-efficient engine and the ECOBlue™ HI-eSCR2 after-treatment system, a maintenance-free, patented solution that minimizes operating costs. The Cursor 9’s long 600-hour engine service intervals will satisfy the most demanding customers looking for the maximum amount of uptime in the field.

T8.435 Ultra CommandTM joins the New Holland T8 stable

During 2020, New Holland will extend the T8 GENESIS® range with a new 400 hp full-powershift model. This new powershift will feature a 21Fx5R speed transmission and will only be available on the flagship T8.435 Ultra CommandTM in either wheeled or SmartTraxTM versions. With this new addition, customers can choose at every power level the transmission technology most suitable for their business. Ultra Command full-powershift for heavy draft work in the field or the Auto CommandTM for speed sensitive and transport applications.

New Holland T8 Genesis Auto CommandTM

Model Rated power Max power Max EPM Tyre Version SmartTraxTM
T8.350 280 315 351 Std. N/A
T8.380 311 347 382 Std. N/A
T8.410 340 375 409 Std. Option
T8.435 380 415 435 Std. Option

New Holland T8 Genesis Ultra CommandTM

Model Rated power Max power Max EPM Tyre Version SmartTraxTM
T8.350 280 315 351 Std. N/A
T8.380 311 347 382 Std. N/A
T8.410 340 375 409 Std. Option
T8.435 400 435 Std. Option