Horsch’s logistics range, which includes the 34mTitan chaser bin, has been expanded to include two new lorry-mounted units; the Horsch Shuttle 10000F for seed and granular fertiliser, and the Horsch Shuttle 8000L for liquids.

“Keeping high-performance drills and sprayers supplied with inputs is essential to maintaining a high daily work rate. The Horsch Shuttle improves on-farm logistics, allowing operators to do this easily. The Shuttle is built to the same high standards as all Horsch machinery and includes proven components from our broad product range,” explains Stephen Burcham, general manager at Horsch UK.

Both Shuttle models can be mounted on the rear of a four-wheel-drive lorry. An adaptive connection system allows the Shuttle to be easily attached to a wide range of lorry variants. Built-in fork guides enable the Shuttle to be manoeuvred safely with a fork lift truck.

The Shuttle 10000F features a 10,000-litre hopper and a conveyor belt capable of loading a drill with seed or fertiliser at 2000kg per minute.

The Shuttle 8000L combines an 8000-litre stainless steel tank, 800 litre fresh water tank and a 3000 litre per minute pump for fast refilling. The Shuttle 8000L also features the automatic internal Continuous Cleaning System from the Leeb LT trailed sprayer.