Launched at Agritechnica in 2019, the Magnon CFS is now available in the UK.  The top of the range Magnon CFS is the largest machine in the Strautmann forage wagon portfolio.

Available in three sizes, with loading capacity of 42m3, 46m3 and 52m3, the Magnon CFS boasts a number of new features including:

  • “Exact-Cut”, a redeveloped cutting unit
  • Hydraulically swivelling front panel
  • “Flex-Load”, a completely new pick-up concept; instead of steel tines, it works with plastic tines arranged in six V-shaped rows.
  • Hydraulic chassis for optimum driving comfort
  • “SMART 570” control system and ISOBUS compatible terminal.

Exact cut

The “Exact-Cut” chopper unit is equipped with 48 double-sided knives to ensure optimum cutting quality under any conditions. The theoretical cutting length is 35mm.  The knife protection system has a triggering function which means the individual knife is completely retracted from the conveyor duct, should it come into contact with a foreign object, thereby minimising damage to the knife blades.  The knives automatically return to their working position after the knife protection system has been triggered.

Hydraulically swivelling front panel

When the Magnon starts the loading process the front panel swivels into the loading space. As soon as the loading space is full the front panel swivels automatically towards the front and provides another 5m³ of loading capacity.  This means that the Magnon CFS is more compact than its predecessor, the Tera-Vitesse CFS, whilst simultaneously offering a larger loading capacity.

When discharging, the front panel also automatically swivels to the rear to enable fast and complete emptying of the cargo space. The platform is 2.40m wide and has a galvanised steel floor. The transport floor consists of four low-wear plate-link chains with a breaking load of 13t each.

Flex Load CFS pick up

Plastic tines give a high degree of flexibility at pick-up, allowing the Magnon to adapt to uneven ground.  Steel strippers are mounted between the tines, low to the ground, to ensure optimum material flow.  They also prevent grass from wrapping around inside the pick-up.

With the tines and strippers being completely independent of each other, tine wear is minimised.  Should a change of tine be necessary, it is extremely easy to change – held in place by a single screw.

The pick-up is powered hydraulically, meaning the speed is infinitely adjustable and can be set according to harvest conditions.  A standard feature of the Magnon is that the pick-up rotor speed is adjusted automatically, in line with the speed of the tractor.

The simple to adjust guide wheels ensure the operating depth can be easily set. A wide, additional guide roller, mounted behind the pick-up, is available as an optional extra.  This ensures optimum adaptation to the ground even on wet or uneven terrain.


The proven, extra-wide, 2.25m Continuous Flow System (CFS) pick-up ensures optimum material flow into the rotor.  The Magnon rotor has an overall of width of 2100mm. The extra width from the pick-up is fed back in towards the cutting rotor by side augers, keeping the outer edge of the rotor full of forage and evening out the rotor feed.  The rotor is powered via a lateral oil-bath gearbox with the planetary drive set integrated in the rotor. Due to high speeds in the power train, the torque load exerted on the components is low and the drive is preserved.

Hydraulic chassis

For optimum driving comfort, all models are equipped with a hydraulic chassis. The Magnon CFS 430 and 470 models are fitted with a tandem chassis with an axle load of 20t, the Magnon CFS 530 model has a tridem chassis with an axle load of 30t.  The largest possible tyre size is 800/45 R 30.5, which enables the installation of considerably larger tyres than previously possible, ensuring low ground pressure and little rolling resistance. The solid BPW axles can be equipped with passive steering, mechanical or electronic active steering.

SMART 570 control system and ISOBUS compatible terminal

In co-operation with Müller Elektronik, the Magnon CFS control system has been fundamentally redeveloped. The control software is divided into three operating modes “Loading – Road travel – Unloading”. Thus, operation is straightforward. Other additional automatic functions are integrated which can be individually switched on or off by the driver.

The control terminal has also been redesigned and is ISOBUS compatible.  It has a 5.7″ touch display. Membrane keys are integrated on the right next to the display, meaning that all functions can be operated intuitively and without the operator having to change their grip.

From the 2020/21 season, the Magnon CFS range will completely replace the Tera-Vitesse.

The Magnon CFS 430 retails from £119,114 + VAT (tandem steering axle, 78m3 or 42m3 DIN).