Doosan Portable Power has launched a new range of small portable compressors for the European market, offering four new models with free air deliveries from 2.5 to 5.0 m³/min (90-180 cfm) and designed with a focus on simplicity, durability, reliability and transportability.

About 70% of the EU portable compressor market is represented by machines between 2.0 and 5.0 m3/min. The main European markets are the UK, GAS (Germany, Austria and Switzerland), France and Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg), which together represent more than 70% of the industry covering many sectors including rental, construction, utilities, demolition and general industry. Doosan Portable Power has very strong sales in this region and is one of the top three players in the market.   

In the new small compressors, the first number in the model name indicates the pressure in bar, the second number represents nominal air flow in cubic metres per minute, while the number 5 at the end indicates a Stage V compliant engine. There are three models operating at 7 bar nominal pressure – the new Stage V Yanmar-powered 7/25, 7/45 and 7/55 with outputs of 2.5, 4.0 and 5.0 m³/min (90, 140 and 180 cfm), respectively. The small compressor range is completed by the new 14/35 higher pressure model providing 3.0 m³/min (105 cfm) of compressed air at 13.8 bar.

More environmentally-friendly compressors

Jan Moravec, General Manager, Doosan Portable Power for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, said: “The design complexity required for the implementation of the latest Stage V engines led us to completely rethink the design of the small compressor range, while maintaining the well accepted, superior durability of our products, improving the serviceability and fulfilling all possible transportability requirements, at the same time as expanding our focus on environmentally friendlier solutions.

“As a result, like in our larger compressor ranges, a leak-free bunded base is now fully integrated into the bottom frame of the new small compressors and includes the central drains for all fluids. For the Stage V units with electronic control, we have also introduced the option of the ECOmizer feature, which reduces emissions, noise and fuel consumption.”    

Machines equipped with the ECOmizer option will automatically recognize the working phase and will act on pressure and engine speed without the intervention of the operator to optimize the fuel consumption and to reduce noise and emissions. As soon as the operator activates a pneumatic tool being powered by the compressor, the machine will automatically recognize the demand of flow and pressure, providing the maximum performance immediately. For example, in a working cycle with 50% full load and 50% idle speed, the ECOmizer provides 60% savings in fuel.

Compressors with a fresh new look and features

Michele Corsi, Product Manager, Doosan Portable Power, added: “The most immediate, noticeable change in the 7/25, 7/45, 7/55 and 14/35 Stage V units is the new dynamic and modern appearance, thanks to an updated design, bringing a fresh new look. The success of the previous Tough Top (polymer) canopies has led Doosan Portable Power to offer this solution as standard.

“The new easy-to-open canopy creates a fantastic line with the newly designed polymer mudguards and bumpers. The newly integrated LED lights are also offered as standard for all the machines. And of course, the long-standing metal canopy versions will still be available to customers as an option.”

Other improvements in the new small compressor range include the updated control panel, which has been repositioned for more ergonomic access and is now protected by a lockable cover. A simple mechanical manometer reports the pressure, and on models with electronically controlled engines, there is an additional switch to force DPF regeneration. For machines with the generator option, there is also an additional 3-position switch and voltmeter.

Portable features, service and maintenance

All the new small portable compressors are equipped with unbraked or fully-braked running gear, both available in fixed and variable height configurations. All the new models have been designed to guarantee a weight below 750 kg, even with additional options, such as an aftercooler or lubricator. This means that anyone with a standard Category B driver’s license can tow the units behind their vehicle. All the models are also homologated up to 950 kg, helping those customers who need to install even more options for maximum flexibility.

All portable compressors from Doosan Portable Power are known for the simplicity of their daily maintenance and service requirements. These latest generation small machines continue this legacy in a number of exceptional ways:

  • The canopy opens toward the draw bar, guaranteeing maximum stability when servicing the machine.
  • In addition to this, the ‘maintenance position’ opening is more than 90 degrees, allowing easy access to any components of the compressor.
  • The cooling pack is mounted on the back, making daily cleaning extremely fast and efficient.
  • And lastly, all replaceable parts are located right in front of the operator, ensuring the quickest possible maintenance work.

Michele Corsi concluded: “The new generation of small portable compressors is the perfect response to meet what our customers have been asking for. To satisfy any customer needs, we also offer a wide range of options and customizations. So I urge customers to get in touch with their local dealers to find out more.”

As well as portable compressors for the construction, rental, quarrying, utilities, general industry and many other markets, the Doosan Portable Power range includes generators and lighting products aimed at the same markets.