The latest additions to the Class Volto tedder and Liner rakes ranges are ideal for medium to small farms looking to run their own machinery and maintain control over this aspect of their silage and hay making.

The new Volto 55 tedder and Liner 320 rake also bring to this sector of the market advanced technology features that until now have only been available on wider, more advanced models in these ranges.

Volto 55 tedder

The new 4-rotor Volto 55 has a working width of 5.2m, making it ideal for spreading two swaths from mowers such as the 2.1m Disco 210 or the 3.0m wide Disco 3150 or 3200 mower models.

The Volto 55 is the latest in the Volto range to feature the well proven max spread crop flow concept, previously only available on larger models. Unlike conventional straight tines, on the max spread the tines are angled by 29 degrees, which has the benefit that more crop is collected as each arm has a longer sweep.

Once collected, the crop flows between the rotors in a straight line, so reducing crop damage. This also creates a greater space for the crop to flow through, so helping increase throughput, but results in a wider and more even spread pattern, ensuring fewer lumps and more even drying.

Overall, the spreading arms work for 65% longer and the increase in pick-up rate and flow through the tedder results in higher throughput and increased forward speed. This also allows the Volto 55 to be run at a reduced engine speed, so saving fuel.

The Volto 55 features the Claas CLK headstock which transfers the weight of the machine onto the tractor’s lower linkages. The CLK system ensures accurate following when turning and is ideal on hilly terrain as it prevents the tedder from overrunning when travelling downhill. When raised, the CLK system will automatically centre the tedder and fixes it in position for transport, but the suspension system remains active so that it rides smoothly on the back of the tractor.

The drive system on the Volto 55 incorporates the well-proven and patented Claas permalink finger clutch at the pivot points, which is maintenance free and allows the arms to be folded by up to 180 degrees, so ensuring a compact transport width.

Each of the four 1.50m diameter rotors on the Volto 55 is fitted with six heavy duty 10.5mm tines and for different crop conditions, the spreading angle can be adjusted by between 12 and 16 degrees without needing tools.

For transport, the arms are folded hydraulically and locked in position, and are protected by a flexible frame fitted with fibre-reinforced polyamide brackets. Options include a guide wheel and edge-spreading guard.

Liner 320 rake

The new single-rotor Liner 320 completes the Class range of compact rakes and has a working width of 3.20 m. Its lightweight design makes it the ideal entry model for use with smaller tractors and in awkwardly shaped fields or on difficult hillsides.

As with larger Liner models, the rotor drive including the cam track is completely sealed and continuously lubricated. The rotor is fitted with eight tine arms, each with three 9.0mm diameter spring tines that are clamped in place using a cotter pin. Working height is quickly and easily adjusted using a lockable hand crank. As standard, the Liner 320 is carried on a single axle fitted with large 16/6.5-8 tyres and a tandem axle is available as an option.

Each of the robust arms incorporates a defined bending point, so in the event of the arm striking a solid object, this will bend to avoid the drive system being damaged.

A ‘U’ shaped stabilising frame incorporating the three-point mounting to attach the Liner 320, guarantees smooth contour following, even in difficult conditions and on hilly terrain.

Having removed some of the tine arms, the Liner 320 can be folded down to as little as 2.25m for transport or storage and the protective covers can be easily folded out the way for ease of access or maintenance.