Case IH is extending the use of its proven Hi-eSCR2 emissions technology across its Puma 185-240 tractors to meet EU Stage V emissions regulations, an update which brings with it benefits for service scheduling and maintenance costs. Stage V Puma tractors now also gain improvements in transport power on Multicontroller versions and a new configurable quick-jump menu for the AFS Pro 700 monitor available on all models.

As before, there are four models in the range, with the 185, 200 and 220 available in Multicontroller specification with PowerDrive full powershift or with CVXDrive continuously-variable transmission. The fourth model, the Puma 240, is fitted as standard with CVXDrive.

Hi-eSCR2 technology extended to latest Puma 185-240 models

The Hi-eSCR2 technology developed by FPT Industrial, a sister firm to Case IH within CNH Industrial, is a development of the original Hi-eSCR system designed by the firm. Selective catalytic reduction, rather than alternative or supplementary exhaust gas recirculation, has been the sole focus of FPT emissions technology since the current series of regulations came into force.

With this system, exhaust gas passes through a diesel oxidation catalyst before it is injected with diesel exhaust fluid (DEF/AdBlue). It then undergoes a selective catalytic reduction process, passing through a ceramic substrate followed by a clean-up catalyst. Advantages of the refinements that have helped create Hi-eSCR2, the development of which is covered by 13 patents, include lengthened service intervals. The engine oil change interval is now 750 hours or 18 months, while the transmission oil change interval is extended to 1,500 hours.

“For the customer, there are a number of advantages to longer spells between major services,” points out Hans-Werner Eder, Puma product marketing manager at Case IH.

“It means not only that the tractor requires servicing less often, minimising downtime, but also that fewer oil and filter changes over the machine’s life result in reduced cost of ownership.”

New quick-jump menu simplifies and speeds up AFS Pro 700 operation

Further upgrades for the Stage V Case IH Puma 185-240 models include a new configurable quick-jump menu for the AFS Pro 700 monitor that is central to the tractors’ settings and operation. Illustrated on screen in the form of a ‘dial’, this provides fast access to desired setting pages and configurable quick-jump buttons.

Enhanced transport abilities from revised Power Management feature

There is now an enhanced power curve for the established Power Management feature on Puma Multicontroller models with PowerDrive full powershift transmission. In 16th gear and beyond, this helps to more efficiently attain and maintain maximum power.

“This results in improved haulage performance, especially when in heavy transport operations on the road,” says Hans-Werner Eder.

“With greater availability of maximum power, the outcome is more efficient haulage and travel between tasks. Fuel efficiency is maximised, while engine and transmission wear minimised, and the driver also benefits from easier on-road operation.”

High-capacity compressor option for central tyre inflation

Customers seeking to vary tyre pressures between road travel and field work, to ensure soil compaction is minimised while traction is maximised, can now specify a new high-capacity compressor option. This allows pressures to be raised quickly when leaving the field before road travel commences, saving time and effort. The system is adapted from that which has been proven on the Case IH ABS braking package, and inflation is around 35 per cent faster than possible with a conventional inflation system. Long-term durability is assured by connection to the engine cooling circuit. In addition to Puma 185-240 models, the system will also be available on the Optum 250 CVXDrive, 270 CVXDrive and 300 CVXDrive tractors.