With the introduction of the new VARIOCHOP models, Perfect – Van Wamel B.V shows that when it comes to developing new models, it listens very carefully to the wishes of today’s users.

These specialised orchard shredders, which are available to growers across the South East of England from fruit equipment specialists N P Seymour, make it possible to adjust the driving speed of the machine to the tractor. By changing the position of the V-belt pulleys, you can easily choose between 540, 750 or 1000 rpm. On top of that the gearbox with overrunning clutch accepts both PTO rotation directions. As a result the machine can be used with all tractors, independently of PTO and rotation by just changing the position of the v-belt pulleys.

The 750 rpm. drive is interesting for users who use a heavier tractor and want to drive the machine with a reduced engine speed to limit fuel consumption.

VARIOCHOP models are a follow-up to the existing BGM and BKM series, which since their introduction in 2005 are used by a very large number of enthusiastic growers worldwide. In addition to the possibility to change the PTO speed, the drive system has also been upgraded, allowing it to transfer more power and also improving accessibility for service.

In addition to models with working widths of 150cm (4’11”), 180cm (5’11”) and 210cm (6’11”), the delivery range now also includes a model with only 135cm (4’5”) working width.

As standard, the VARIOCHOP machines are equipped with a double headstock for mounting in the front, as well as the 3-point rear linkage and a hydraulic offset feature. The heavy construction, typical for Perfect products, and the standard 2.2kg flails allow for shredding of prunings up to 8cm in diameter.

If desired, height-adjustable rake tines are available to better pickup flat-lying prunings. For growers who also want to use the machine for mowing grass, Perfect – Van Wamel has the unique Combi flails. This flail with interchangeable knife remains sharp and therefore not only provides a very good shredding in wood, but also gives a very nice and even cut in grass.

More information growers can contact the family-run team at N P Seymour, which is based in Goudhurst, Kent.