Vredo introduces the completely new VT5536 self-propelled for season 2022.

Almost 30 years of experience with 4-wheel steering has been brought together in a new self-propelled machine, which perfectly matches the needs of the modern agricultural contractor. 

The new Scania Stage V engine with 2465Nm torque @1350rpm/min, provides a maximum power of 550PK. The VT5536 is equipped with a pump filter unit with a 12m3 displacement pump as standard. Optionally available with Vredo High Performance Loading Technology (VHP). This increases the loading capacity to 16,000l/min, filling the 22m3 tank within one and a half minutes. The unique suction arm concept ensures loading at both the left and right side of the VT5536. 

Thanks to the compact construction combined with steering axles, the machine is very manoeuvrable and easy to turn at the end of the field. Due to the fact that there is hardly any part of the machine in front of the front axle, it is easy to steer in and out of every field. The combination of crab steering, perfect weight distribution and driven axles ensure that the machines can be used in the field as early as the beginning of spring. Thanks to the optional tyre pressure adjustment system (BDWS), there is minimal soil compaction. 

The VVT550 transmission, newly developed by Vredo, with a fully infinitely variable range between 0 and 40 km/h, enables the machine to drive at the right working speed with the optimal engine speed in any situation. In addition, the “low rpm concept” is used, which allows 40km/h to be driven at only 1080rpm. 

Thanks to the detachable pump-filter unit and the easily removable manure tank, the VT5536 can be used in a multifunctional way as well. In that way the machine can also be used as tool carrier. Apart from manure spreading, the Vredo is also very suitable for jobs e.g. pushing silage. 

The spacious, extremely quiet and sprung cabin has all the features required for a modern workplace. It comes standard with automatic air conditioning, Grammer Maximo Super-Comfort seat, multifunction displays and an easily steerable, ergonomic joystick with many combined features. All this in combination with the renewed VTC 2.0 “Vredo Trac Control” system makes the working day for the driver a lot more pleasant. Vredo sets the tone and raises the standard for driver comfort. 

The polyester tank has a capacity of 22m3, in combination with the low weight of 19.7 tonnes makes the VT5536 unique in its class. Thanks to this low weight, the machine is 

RDW-approved on 2 axles and remains within the 3-metre external width. The short construction of the linkage ensures a small distance to the attachment, thus optimising weight transfer. 

The VT5536 has recently been extensively tested with positive results. The first series of VT5536s will be delivered in spring 2023. 

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The main features of the VT5536: 

  • Scania DC13 Stage V diesel engine. 
  • Max. power 405kW(550hp), max. torque 2465Nm@1400 rpm. 
  • Vredo Continuously Variable Transmission, VVT550, 0-40km/h (fully infinitely variable without switching between driving ranges). 
  • OMSI steered drive axles with dry disc brakes. 
  • 2 and 4-wheel steering and Crab steer. 
  • Tyres Mitas 900/60R42 standard, Mitas 1000/65R32 optional. 
  • Cab suspension all round, rear air suspension. 
  • HYDAC touchscreen 2×7″ controller for vehicle and system functions. 
  • Trimble or John Deere GPS-RTK system with optional NIR and section lock. 
  • 22,000 litres polyester tank. 
  • Vogelsang 12,000 litre/min displacement pump, 16,000 litre/min with VHP “Vredo High Performance” loading technology. 
  • Vredo slicing filter, built in for the pump to remove contaminants. 
  • Optional 10″ loading and telescopic docking arm with automatic control and centrifugal pump with 16,000 l/min loading capacity.