Lighting specialist, OSRAM, has announced the launch of its most recent range, the LEDriving Professional Series (PX). 

Osram has revealed that its new range of work lights, the Professional Series (PX), offers many different combination options for individual lighting needs based on a unique matrix system. The range is designed to meet the highest standards to ensure the safety of workers, through improved illumination.

These OSRAM LED fixtures are robust and compact, combining extremely high optic efficiency with even light distribution and a glare-reducing reflector design. 

There are 16 working lights in total, with maximum optical efficiency, effectiveness and homogeneous light distribution and are available in a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns.

The working lights are suitable for 12V and 24V applications and a total of four beam patterns – Flood, Spot, Wide and Ultra-Wide – and four power levels – 1500lm, 2500lm, 3500lm and 4500lm – are available for each light. In addition, they can be mounted in three different ways: directly to the vehicle, with a flexible mounting kit or a heavy-duty mounting kit. 

With the launch of the new PX series, OSRAM has developed a range of accessories to work with the range including two mounting kits and a cable with a DT connector, so users can simply assemble, adapt, combine and, if required, easily interchange the lights they need. 

Its Flexible Mounting Kit is compatible with all work lights in the PX series and is designed for easy, uncomplicated and flexible assembly, with the mounting requiring just one central screw. As its title suggests, the Heavy Duty Mounting Kit is developed specifically for heavy duty vehicles and is particularly robust. Naturally, this kit is compatible with all working lights in the PX range too. 

The final accessory is the Connection Cable 300 DT AX for 12V and 24V applications, it is three metres in length and provides easy installation for all vehicles.

All PX-Series working lights have been tested in an environmental simulation laboratory, certified according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 for extreme external influences such as water, dust, hot and cold temperatures, permanent vibrations and shocks and validated, according to the highest IP & IK protection classes IP6K8 & IP6K9K. These products provide powerful performance and have an exceptionally long service life, but for peace of mind, OSRAM provides a five year guarantee.