In 1995 Överum launched the CX-plough that set the standard for high-quality ploughing and low draft requirement. Now they introduce the next generation – the Överum CX2. The completely overhauled construction offers many significant benefits.

Like its predecessor, the Överum CX2 is a fully mounted reversible medium class plough with three, four or five furrows and for tractors up to 160 hp. It features a lighter and stronger modular frame tube design replacing the previous CX-design, valued through more than 20 years.

High-strength steel

The CX2 has a modern frame design in high-strength steel, that is 40% stronger than standard frame tubes. This reduces the weight of the frame and increases its strength and durability. The result is an open frame design with good clearance for crop residues.

The significant reductions of welded joints on the frame, and the strong bolted assemblies with hardened bolts result in a simple and strong design with few moving parts and logical adjustments.

Intelligent design

The transfer of power from the headstock to the frame of the CX2-plough, and the adjustment of the front furrow width, are performed with new high-class components. They are cast in high-class steel, which is very durable and enables smart design. During the design-phase, this material allows Överum to customize the dimensions very accurately to the actual loads of the various locations in the design. Thus, the strength/weight-ratio can be optimized.

New hydraulic alignment

Överum CX2 can handle wider furrows, adjustable in five steps from 14” to 22” (35-55 cm), versus three steps, 14” to 18”, in the previous version. The adjustment takes place via a series of holes for each ploughbody. The few moving parts cause a low maintenance level.

The CX2 plough can be equipped with a new hydraulic alignment cylinder that centres the plough before turns. This feature is standard for the five furrow, and recommended for the four furrow versions, if working with a furrow width of 18” or more.

Customized solutions

The stone release principles are, like the previous, a shear bolt version, or a version with hydraulic stone release. The hydraulic version is the flexible choice for easy adjustment of the release pressure for various soil types and amount of stones.

The direction of turn-over for CX2 can be chosen as bodies turning under the frame, or bodies turning over the frame. Turning under reduces the lift requirement. Turning over is recommended when using a furrow press.

The full range of Överum ploughbodies can be chosen for the CX2. Among other, the new XLD plough body or XSD slatted body can be selected, for wide furrows and deep ploughing, or the XL plough body with the lowest draft requirement on the market.

CX2-models with add-on flange can be extended later with an extra furrow.