A new fully integrated tyre pressure control system for John Deere 8R Series tractors equipped with independent link suspension (ILS) can now be ordered ex-factory.

Using an on-board compressor, this John Deere manufactured system allows the tractor driver to continually monitor and adjust tyre pressure with just the push of a button. Constant optimisation of tyre pressure can increase efficiency both in the field and on the road, making overall tractor performance better than ever before.

Low tyre pressure in the field helps to prevent soil compaction, protects soil structure by reducing fuel-sapping wheel slip and bulldozing effects, and increases pulling performance. On the other hand, high tyre pressure on the road improves driving behaviour, while rolling resistance and tyre wear are reduced.

Additionally, fuel consumption is significantly lower. The environment therefore benefits from lower CO2 emissions and farmers benefit from higher yields and lower operating costs.

Tyres can be deflated for field work to increase their footprint by nearly 25%, with a reduction of up to 3psi in ground pressure, giving two to four per cent less wheel slip. This also helps to increase field speed while reducing soil compaction and smearing. Back on the road, the simple button press reinflates the tyres to optimum pressure for travelling and transport operations.

John Deere’s new central tyre inflation system (CTIS) can be easily adjusted using the tractor’s CommandCenter display and features uniquely quick inflation and deflation times.

For example, the internal pressure of a large tyre combination (710/75R42s with 650/60R34s) can be increased from 0.8 to 1.8 bar in less than six and a half minutes, while less than four minutes is needed to release the pressure from the tyres. This is ensured by the inside diameter of the air lines, which are 33% larger than other solutions. 

An external compressed air connection allows even faster inflation, for example by taking air from a slurry tank compressor. It is also possible to connect an air gun for cleaning purposes, if required. Instead of the usual standard plastic air lines, strong fabric hoses are used, which are safely secured to the tractor’s front and rear wheels.

John Deere is also responding to customer demands for higher performance tyres and is increasingly offering a wider choice of VF (very high flexion) options. Consequently, this allows operators to work with the lowest tyre pressures even when using higher ballasting weights.

Price of the new John Deere CTIS option is £13,490 in the UK, or €14,555 in Ireland.