The French leader in the slurry tanker market, Pichon, has diversified and innovated by launching its own series of manure spreaders, thereby completing its offer for enhancing organic fertilisers. Launched in 2011, the first series of Muck Master solid spreaders is now celebrating its 10th anniversary. This is a milestone for Pichon and a great opportunity to unveil its brand new series of MK solid spreaders.

13 models from 10 to 24 m3

The new MK series of fully galvanised spreaders retains the advantages of the previous models: a simple, robust design, a narrow body and large diameter vertical beater bars.

The large diameter and high rotation speed of the beaters ensure that a wide range of products can be evenly distributed and a high throughput is maintained, even at the end of the spreading process.

The new range consists of 13 models and offers real loading capacities of between 10 and 24 m3. The working width is large, extending to 24 m with a spreading table. This new model can be equipped with various options: guillotine door, hydraulic power unit, side deflectors, hydraulic belt tension, body extensions, etc. The range of in-cab control units meets the needs of each user, depending on the type of precision required (from simple manual adjustment to ISOBUS, DPA, weighing, etc.).

A redesigned series

The new design of the spreader mainly affects the front panel and the mudguards. As well as the aesthetic aspect, the design of the body optimises the loading volume and facilitates the fertiliser discharge. The front bonnet has been redesigned with a rounded shape to provide a better view of the belt from the cab. Opening and closing the bonnet is also made easier with the addition of a handle and strap.

Now standardised by series and self-cleaning due to their shape, the new mudguards avoid the build-up of material. An optional extension allows the wheel to be completely covered to accommodate different tyre sizes.

The jack fixing system is simplified and now adjustable in height. It can therefore be adapted to different hitch heights and wheel sizes. The pivoting system also makes it easier to attach the boom transmission.

Compliance and safety first

To fully comply with the European standard EN690, all MK spreaders are equipped with an audible alarm that is activated when the spreader is at a standstill and the spreading beaters are rotating. This standard ensures the safety of the operator and people around the spreader.

MK spreaders are also equipped with two rear LED lights and white and red reflective panels at the front and rear. In accordance with French and in the near future European road regulations, these features meet signage requirements according to the width of the vehicle and respect the positioning of the signalling equipment. Two new front or rear camera and work light kits are also available.

Even greater precision with the new spreading table

For almost over a year, numerous tests of the new spreading table have been carried out in order to make the table even more efficient. Called “PRECISIUM”, the new spreading table will be officially launched in late autumn 2021.

Dedicated to the spreading of light and volatile products, the spreading table allows for greater regularity and spreading width. The two perfectly dimensioned horizontal beaters and spreading discs ensure optimum lateral distribution of the product. The spreader table can be fitted to the rear frame of the spreader* and is easy to mount and dismount, making the MK spreader even more versatile. As an option, the table can be equipped with right and/or left deflectors for clean spreading at the roadside or field edge.