Royal Brinkman, together with HPNow, is introducing the HPGen generator. With the HPGen™ generators, growers produce Peroxide UltraPure™ themselves on-site. This ultra-pure form of hydrogen peroxide can be fed directly into the grower’s irrigation system. This makes it easy to keep the irrigation system clean during cultivation and gives the crops a boost: hydrogen peroxide breaks down into pure water and oxygen, leading to more dissolved oxygen in the water.

Making your own hydrogen peroxide; it is now possible with the HPGen generator. It produces Peroxide UltraPure on the spot. Water, air and electricity are the only ingredients needed to generate hydrogen peroxide in safe concentrations, which can be used directly in the irrigation system. The hydrogen peroxide from the HPGen contains no heavy metals or other stabilizers and impurities. Peroxide UltraPure breaks down to pure water and oxygen, leaving no unwanted residual products.

Rob Beerling, technical specialist at Royal Brinkman said: “Growers are constantly looking for ways to become more sustainable and autonomous, and the HPGen products fit perfectly into that puzzle. It is now possible to produce hydrogen peroxide directly with a fraction of the CO2 emissions compared to the traditional hydrogen peroxide chain, and with no labor or dependence on volatile supply chains.”

HPNow and Royal Brinkman look forward to a long and successful partnership. “Growers who use our HPGen™ solutions invariably experience improved water quality, healthier plants and increased crop yields. We are proud and excited to partner with Royal Brinkman, a leading name in the horticultural industry, so growers can benefit from our solutions”, said Ziv Gottesfeld, HPNow CEO.


The HPGen™ generators and therefore the Peroxide UltraPure™ are offered by Royal Brinkman worldwide. Royal Brinkman is proud to have HPGen new in its product range. The collaboration with HPNow fits perfectly within the vision of Royal Brinkman; to support growers in achieving the optimal yield from their crop; Let’s improve together.