A pallet fork mounted brush for cleaning up in farm yards and buildings is being added to a new line of farm cleaning solutions from Spaldings, along with a powered sweeper conversion kit for grain and general purpose loader buckets.

Available from the direct sales specialist online, by telesales and through the company’s field sales team in the UK and Ireland, the new sweeping solutions from Spaldings join a range of Padagas sweepers and sweeper-collectors already introduced.


The Padagas Push-Broom is a new design with simple parking stands that eliminate the permanent bristle distortion that can result from leaving the implement standing on them when not in use.

The pivoting stands are simply lowered over the ends of the brush from an upright position and secured with a spring-loaded pin before lowering the Push-Broom to the ground, releasing two securing bolts and withdrawing the pallet tines.

At 2.4m wide, the implement is ideal for sweeping up in grain and other bulk stores without raising much dust, and are especially suited to wooden drying floors where the 11 rows of bristles do no harm.

On wet concrete and similar hard surfaces, the dense mass of bristles works like a squeegee to remove moisture, standing water or slurry with equal efficiency.

Integral fork slots on the upper surface of the sweeper’s chassis, with hand tightened securing bolts to hold it in place, make it easy to mount and dismount the implement on a tractor-mounted or wheeled loader, telescopic handler or industrial forklift.

Bucket sweeper

The new Padagas powered brush conversion for a farm’s existing grain or general purpose loader bucket provides an alternative cleaning solution from Spaldings where material needs to be collected for disposal.

This 2.3m wide design incorporates a single hydraulic motor for the 600mm diameter brush and simple mountings to fit the bucket, including side supports that are adjustable to find the best spacing between the brush and leading edge of the bucket.

All the new Padagas farm cleaning solutions from Spaldings can be ordered via the company’s team of knowledgeable field sales staff covering the UK and Ireland, online at the Spaldings.co.uk website, or simply by calling the company’s telephone sales department.