There is no better time to upgrade your Keenan diet feeder with the company announcing that new trade-in offers are now available to customers in the UK, due to a shortage of second hand machines.

“Stock levels of used Keenan diet feeders are currently very low; however this has enabled us to offer some excellent deals on the purchase of new Keenan models when trading in a used Keenan machine,” says James Brough, Keenan UK sales manager.

“Keenan offer a complete range of feeding solutions and farmers can choose from the MechFiber-producing horizontal paddle machine in both trailed and self-propelled options, as well as twin and triple auger vertical trailed units,” says Mr Brough.

“They can also take advantage of the new InTouch controller, which allows farmers to easily measure, monitor and manage feed efficiency. It includes practical applications that guide the user through the exact loading order and quantity of ingredients, while the improved data connectivity allows for better monitoring.”

The company has always focused on nutrition and innovation and has pioneered feeding excellence with the development of the MechFiber mix.

“Our unique MechFiber mix has been repeatedly proven to retain the fibre structure of forage. The superior diet presentation this delivers, increases the animal’s ability to digest and utilise the ration, which results in improved yields and reduced feed costs,” says Mr Brough.  

Trial results have shown that a MechFiber-fed dairy herd will produce up to 16% more milk/kg and experience a reduction of more than 65 percent in metabolic issues, while beef units can expect to achieve a 26% increase in live weight gain and a reduction in slaughter time of nine days.

Andrew Avison runs a dairy farm in North Yorkshire and upgraded his Keenan diet feeder for the latest model last year. “I traded in my old Keenan diet feeder for a newer model to get more capacity. By delivering the ultimate diet, yields have increased by up to three litres per day, while reducing dry matter intake by 0.5kg per cow per day,” says Mr Avison.

Keenan offer an extensive range of diet feeders that can be customised to order to suit individual requirements.