Climatic conditions are changing rapidly and, due to legal requirements of the Fertilizer Ordinance, the time windows for the application of liquid farm manure are becoming shorter. Nowadays, almost all application tankers are equipped with technology for slurry application close to the ground to best reduce emissions and avoid nitrogen losses. Likewise, they have wide tires that are gentle on the ground. 

To ensure that the highly equipped application tanker does not lose too much time, impact power and thus money on the road in the case of longer farm-to-field distances, the slurry transport must be decoupled. For this purpose, Fliegl offers the perfect vehicle for your slurry logistics with its new three-axle semi-trailer transport barrel STF 30000 Truck Line Top. Due to the special tank and chassis design, an unladen weight of approx. 5,900 kg can be achieved with high standard equipment at the same time. Due to the low dead weight, a volume of 30,000 litres can be transported in the stainless steel tank, while complying with the permissible total mass (depending on the tractor). The special tank design and the frame made of fine-grained steel contribute to the centre of gravity that is shifted far down. Thanks to the stainless steel tank with an additional paint finish on the outside, a very long service life can be guaranteed.

Important with a transport tanker is the driving and operating comfort, and also the manoeuvrability on the farm and in the field.

The air suspension unit with disc brakes ensures high driving comfort and is equipped with an automatically lockable steering axle and a lift axle as standard.

Less wear – more manoeuvrability

To ensure that the saddle transport tanker does not lose unnecessary time during loading and unloading, various equipment variants are offered for this purpose.

Externally, the tanker can be filled via the large-dimensioned 700 x 700 mm push cover. The n of the application drum can be done via an 8″ or 10″ docking hopper at the top or via suction quick coupler at the bottom at the rear.

Of course, the tanker can also fill itself; for this purpose, a powerful 6,000 L Vogelsang rotary lobe pump with a 180° swivelling 6″ quick-coupler connection at the rear is available as an option.

The fill level can always be conveniently checked via the display at the front and rear of the container. In the version with pump, a fill level monitor and an automatic pump shut-off are integrated for safety.

A swivelling 6″ overloading arm with a length of 7,000mm is optionally available for overloading onto a spreading tanker, a field edge container or for slurry transfer.

This length means that even wide ditches can be negotiated, especially on dirt roads. The transfer arm is controlled via an external operation or via an optional radio remote control.

To ensure that the liquid fertiliser is still homogeneous at its destination, a hydraulic internal agitator or a flushing line is offered in conjunction with the rotary lobe pump.