Just in time for Christmas Northern Ireland agricultural machinery manufacturer SlurryKat has introduced an all new range of its Premium Plus Super Tankers.

Based on the original range the new tankers now come with a host of new features included in the standard specification.

SlurryKat’s Premium Plus Super Tanker range includes models with capacities right through from 7,250 litres (1600 gallons) to 25,000 litres (5,500 gallons).

As SlurryKat CEO Garth Cairns explains, the new range of Super Tankers combine all the latest features introduced over the past 12 months together in the latest machines.

Garth said: “During the past 12 months you may have seen some new novel features on our tankers that we have been slowly introducing since the autumn of 2019.

“Having been encouraged by the customer response to these new features we have now unveiled the new range of Premium Plus Super Tankers that incorporate all the new features.

“These features have all been refined to the exact requirements our customers are demanding and we are rolling them out as standard base specification on all SlurryKat Premium Plus Tankers from December 2020,” he said.

In addition to lighter booms, new braking system and new drawbar the new features also include a new pump.

The full list of features on the new range are:

✅ NEW 5-point rear linkage system for all dribble bars and trailing shoes to be fitted to all models without any alterations

✅ NEW high-speed vacuum pumps c/w crash protection system and auto vein lubrication.

✅ NEW 150mm HD square beam axles 420×180 S Cam brakes on all models

✅ NEW automatic slack adjustment brakes on all models as standard

✅ NEW over hedge boom (46% lighter)

✅ NEW design laser press formed chassis

✅ NEW internal anti-surge smooth ride baffle system

✅ NEW increased size over flow valve system for more air flow and faster filling

✅ NEW load sensing braking system as standard

✅ NEW paint coat system for even longer life and high gloss shine

✅ NEW fill points connections for high speed filling

✅ NEW auto fill system for 10m3 per minute filling speed

✅ NEW dribble discharge system at rear for faster, maintenance free application

✅ NEW rear 3 & 4 point linkage for all spreading equipment

✅ NEW flushable sight tube level indicator c/w tap as standard on all models

✅ NEW spring drawbar for an even smoother ride

✅ NEW double ellipse fully galvanised bolt on mudguards

✅ NEW Neon lights and light holders