Universal tramlining and instant blockage detection are amongst the benefits of the new Vistaflow seed flow monitoring system developed by Kuhn and available on its Venta, Espro and Aurock pneumatic drills.

Located within the seed distribution head, the Vistaflow valve works by monitoring seed passage in each tube and enabling automatic shutdown of any of the seeding lines. This allows the drill to be quickly and easily adjusted for any tramline and tyre width configurations, and for other adaptations such as half-width or alternative row shut-off to be facilitated, all from the tractor cab.

Operated through the ISOBUS terminal, the system allows up to five different configurations to be saved and used at a future date. As such, the Vistaflow system is seen as a particularly useful development where machines are used in varying tramline systems, such as in contracting or machinery co-operatives. For drilling in any circumstances, fast and effective detection of blockages is a significant advantage.