Following completion of the purchase of Smart Ag Services, Hunt Forest Group are pleased to announce effective 15 March 2021 that Smarts will be Kramer dealers for their existing John Deere area of responsibility. This decision helps align the business with its parent company so that customers experience more consistency across the trading area.

JCB decided to terminate the dealer agreement held by Smarts following the purchase of the company, leaving many customers questioning why JCB would immediately disrupt the support which many rely on.

“During the transition of the business to Hunt Forest, it was planned to continue with all of Smarts suppliers. It is a surprise that JCB should take such a dramatic decision when Smarts remain in business and our wish was to continue what I considered to be a very successful relationship,” commented Colin Smart.

“We are a business that is well known for customer satisfaction and outstanding support, which partnering franchises have without doubt benefited from to build excellent levels of market share. The product is only part of the story and Smarts as a business have been instrumental in the success of JCB, with market share well in excess of 65 per cent.”

Although the agreement to supply JCB machines ended on 12 March, JCB has requested Smarts continue to supply parts and service support and warranty coverage through its network of technicians for the next six months.

Paul Burnett, Business Development Director of Hunt Forest, said: “In Kramer we have a highly reliable and quality product that we excel with in our current area. Using this recipe of staff attitude, knowledge and understanding of what customer support really means, I have no doubt Smarts can replicate that success with Kramer.

“After completing a business wide product roadshow for all staff, we are in great shape to hit the ground running and very much look forward to inviting new and existing customers to experience the Kramer product,” added Paul. “The company has a large level of stock with demonstrators available, and all HFG machines are also supplied in special colours to signify that we can offer something a little different. To prove that, we will support all new sales with a four-year or 4000hr warranty funded by Hunt Forest as an introductory offer until July.”