STARCO has updated their dual wheel solution to fit the new Fendt 900-series and CLAAS AXION 900 high-performance tractors. The dual wheel solution is tailored to fit seamlessly with the TW Profi-Grip 42’’ and 44” rims designed for high-power 300HP+ tractors.

Tractors are getting bigger and more powerful, which in combination with larger agricultural implements and heavier loads put severe pressure on the wheels and tyres. In particular when the soil is dry, the tyres are low inflated or an incorrect fit between the wheel and tyre causes slippage.

“We have worked with dual wheel solutions since the 1960s and taken part in the development towards larger machines,” states Axel Werner, Segment Director for STARCO’s Tractor Segment. He continues: “We see major challenges for the end-user, however this could easily be avoided with the correct parts for mounting duals on the mother wheels.”

If the wheels and tyres do not have a perfect match when mounting dual wheels, the user often experiences fitting issues, tyre slippage and even tyre damage.

STARCO developed a solution that works for fitting duals on for instance Fendt 900-series and CLAAS AXION 900 high-performance tractors. “We are the first company that developed a stop-nose that fits the new high-performance tractors,” states Werner.

“The reason why the new tractors from the large OEMs has a new wheel design is to transmit the high torque forces on high-power tractors, to avoid tyre to wheel slippage,” explains Ole Dall, Product Manager Wheels, GKN Wheels & Structures. He continues: “During the last couple of years we have seen increasing problems with tyre slippage in the field, where the tyres are being destroyed with no chance for the farmer to see it before it is too late. The Profi-Grip wheel is designed specifically to solve this problem and has been validated together with the leading OEM’s in extreme test conditions.”

The spacer STARCO manufactures and supplies fits the patented Profi-Grip wheel from GKN Wheels. The Profi-Grip rim is used on +300HP tractors and it has a unique design that is ensuring less rim shrinkage, increased contact pressure and no tyre slippage.

Tests and investments

In collaboration with partners, STARCO tested the 42-inch solution, however this solution is available for all wheels up to 54” where the current available solutions do not fit. On top of that, STARCO also developed a 44” solution specifically for the Fendt 900-series and CLAAS AXION 900 tractors.