Cotswold Farm Machinery has supplied its fourth Suzuki ATV to the Gloucestershire Police Rural Crime unit, which now has a fleet of three KingQuad 500s and one KingQuad 750.

The relationship with the Gloucestershire Police Force began over three years ago when Suzuki and Cotswold Farm Machinery teamed up to give the Police a long-term loan of an ATV so that it could be assessed against a UTV.

It is safe to say that the test was a success and Gloucestershire Police are now really seeing the benefit of using ATVs because they are quicker of the mark, quieter and more manoeuvrable, which not only helps on a day-to-day basis but also when called upon to undertake pursuits across rough terrain.

Gloucestershire Police has fully trained many of its officers to safely operate the ATVs. The ATVs are seen as a useful tool in not only combatting crime but also as a tool for crime prevention by enabling officers to cover large areas quickly and safely, which means that they are giving a much more effective and highly visible presence throughout rural areas.

Both the KingQuad 750 and 500 models benefit from QuadMatic 4-wheel drive, fully independent suspension and an advanced engine braking system, which means they are very capable machines that can be ridden over challenging terrain. In addition, with the raised handlebar configuration and Suzuki’s renowned T-shaped seat, they are extremely comfortable to ride over long distances.

PC Ashley Weller from Gloucestershire Police’s Rural Crime Team said, “It has become very clear the use of ATVs definitely has a place in the modern policing of rural communities. Our experience of using the Suzuki KingQuads has been excellent and we are appreciative of the support from Cotswold Farm Machinery, who are at the centre of the community in which we operate.”