The CESAR Security System, powered by Datatag, is the official security initiative of the Agricultural Engineers Association (AEA) and is fitted as a standard feature on all new Suzuki utility ATVs.

However, this outstanding security system is anything but standard.

Datatag is a unique security system comprised of layers that will never wear out or need servicing. Once fitted, it gives your ATV a unique ‘fingerprint’ with an identity that cannot be erased, however hard a criminal may try.

It is virtually impossible to defeat this multi-layered system, giving you peace of mind plus the added benefit of up to 12.5% reduction in insurance premiums.

With Datatag installed, your Suzuki ATV becomes four times less likely to be stolen and six times more likely to be recovered. The latest statistics from the latest Suzuki ATV registration and theft report back this up too. Out of all Suzuki’s ATVs sold, there is only a 1.9% theft rate and crucially, a 24.5% recovery rate, which matches any tracker system.

With a security system that’s easily installed and acts as both a powerful deterrent against theft and an invaluable aid in recovery in the event of loss, protecting your Suzuki ATV has never been easier!

Head of ATV for Suzuki GB, Mark Beeley, said, “We have been working in partnership with Datatag for 6 years now and we are confident that we are providing our customers with a robust anti-theft solution to give them even more peace of mind that a Suzuki KingQuad is the best ATV for them.”

Dave Luscombe from Datatag said, “We have been very proud to work with Suzuki over the past 6 years helping them provide their customers with industry-leading security.”