SIP introduces the ultimate mower combination:  The new Disc HD range redefines mowing with exceptional performance, innovative technology, robust design solutions and efficiency. Including advanced features such as swath merging, exceptional mowing quality on undulating terrain and cutting-edge safety measures, these mowers offer a perfect solution that addresses the challenges of modern farming and contracting.

Expanding SIP’s range of mower conditioners, the Disc HD 1000 D FS offers working widths of 9.20m to 10.20m and the Disc HD 1100 D FS working widths of 10.5m to 11.08m – now the largest butterfly mower conditioner available from the company. These mowers deliver highly impressive capacity of up to 18.5ha/hr and 20ha/hr respectively and are fitted with steel finger conditioners.

High performance with swath merging

The Disc HD 1000 D FS can be equipped with cross conveyor belts for swath merging, when it is designated the Disc HD 1000 D FS BC. With advanced conditioning and swath merging technology using belt conveyors, you can mow, condition, and prepare forage swaths in one pass – crucial in short harvest windows.

Horsepower requirements are 180hp for the Disc HD 1000 FS and 220hp for the Disc HD 1000 FS BC and Disc HD 1100 FS BC.

Exceptional mowing quality for optimal efficiency

The Disc HD mowers focus on adaptability and ease of operation thanks to comprehensive electronic controls and hydraulic cylinders. To ensure exceptional mowing quality on slopes and an impressive 515mm sideshift capability of each cutterbar increases overlap when turning. Guaranteeing smooth operation on all terrain, the mowers are equipped with the hydro pneumatic suspension system (HPS), ensuring premium forage quality, and a significant reduction in cutter bar wear and fuel costs.

Cutting-edge cutterbar designed for unmatched safety and reliability

The newly designed aerodynamic cutterbar increases crop flow dynamics preventing the accumulation of cut material in the cutterbar area, improving mowing efficiency. The 409mm diameter discs on the 16-disc cutterbar ensure uniform crop flow while reducing power/fuel consumption.

The DDSS (Disc Drive Safety System) offers protection via shear pins integrated into a double flange. This patented design remains one of the most reliable disc protection systems available. The support frame is fitted with a combination of double dampers absorbing peak dynamic loads, extending the overall system’s lifespan.

Overload Monitoring System (OMS)

This system covers the entire driveline, ensuring every component operates at its peak performance. It operates as an early warning system, sensing rotation speed drop anywhere along the driveline, and providing an alert via the in-cab control box.