John Deere Operations Center users can now update field data across their entire machinery fleet in real time. 

DataSync has been introduced to eradicate the time taken to manually change records on each in-cab display – usually done via a USB stick – and ensure that stored field data is accurate.

Field names, boundary changes, guidance tracks and flags can now be manually changed in the cab or in the office at the press of a button and shared across the fleet instantly.

Will Downie, John Deere’s Precision Farming Specialist, said: “The John Deere Operations Center is the starting point for precision applications, mapping out the fundamental data operators need to carry out tasks in the field.

“DataSync consistently provides the right setup information where it’s needed, and at the right time.”

Peter Richardson is the Arable Manager at East Coast Viners Peas and Beans in Montrose, which grows 10,000 acres of vining peas and broad beans.

His team has been using the new functionality since March across a fleet of six John Deere 6R Series tractors.

He said: “With peas we are going into new, rented fields every year with two cultivators and two drills working together. With DataSync the first tractor maps the field and within seconds the other machines are all working off the same boundaries and A-B lines.

“It’s been very impressive. DataSync has reduced downtime, soil compaction and overlaps, making everything so much more simple and straightforward for us.”

DataSync is free to activate and can be enabled or disabled for selected machines within the Operations CenterTM, allowing team members differing levels of access. 

To use this new feature, the machine must be equipped with a Gen4 display, JDLink modem and an Operations Center account.