For the first time ever Maschio Gaspardo will have examples of its range of mounted sprayers on show at Cereals 2023.

While the company has a full line-up of trailed and mounted machines, it is the Tempo Ultra Isotronic that will take centre stage at the event in Nottinghamshire in June.

While there are options for more basic levels of specification, as the flagship mounted mode,l it is fully loaded with every feature you’d expect from a top line machine.

This includes ISObus controls which mean it can be connected directly to the tractor terminal or alternatively to a separate compatible control box. Having this on-board technology as standard means it’s also possible to have GPS-managed section control (down to individual nozzles), variable rate control and an automated boom recirculation system that avoids delays in spray line purging to maintain even coverage when coming into work.

The control computer also manages all the Tempo Ultra’s hydraulic functions. A single tractor spool-valve supplies oil to the sprayer’s centralised electro-hydraulic valve block which handles everything including boom fold, variable geometry tilt control as well as the pendulum frame’s height. Electronic boom height control is an option with up to four ultrasonic sensors providing automatic management of crop-to-nozzle clearance and boom tilt.

Boom widths of 15m to 30m are available all with a steel lattice construction and larger versions with aluminium outside sections.

Two sizes of tank are available for the Temp Ultra Isotronic rated at 1600-litres and 2000-litres (1820-litres and 2180-litres actual) with an additional 300-litre clean water tank and 30-litre induction hopper.

For those that require additional volume there is the option of 1100-litre or 1500-litre front tanks, potentially taking total capacity in excess of 3500-litres. Equipped with independent twin pumps and recirculation systems, these can be set to empty at the same rate as the rear unit to ensure even weight distribution across front and rear axles. 

While the standard main spray pump is rated at 199-liltres/min, higher output 249-litres/min and 277-litres/min versions are available, all of which operate at 20bar.

Two different options are available for the main sprayer fill/washout control panel – one with manual valves, the other with an electronic terminal that provides control the filling cycle with automatic shutoff when the preset volume is reached. It also oversees automated rinsing and washout cycles as well as spray mix agitation.

Although they’re making their UK debut this year, sprayers are nothing new to Maschio Gaspardo. In fact, the company has been building agrochemical application equipment since its acquisition of two leading Italian sprayer manufacturers in 2012.