This Autumn has seen a number of CLAAS Torion wheel loader models given a power upgrade for 2022. In addition, two new flagship models have been introduced, plus a new model that has been added to the mid-range Torion offering.

Lift higher, load faster

The new flagship Torion 1913 and Torion 2014 models bring with them more engine power, higher lift capacity and an even greater loading height. On both models, the wheel base has been extended by 10cm resulting in an increase in both the loading height and reach.

Thanks to the longer lift arm, the height of the bucket pivot point has now increased to 4.15m – an extra 23.5cm – both with agricultural kinematics and Z-kinematics. With the new Z-HL Highlift kinematics, a loading height of 4.70m can now be achieved even with Z-kinematics. This means that even the highest trailers can be safely loaded. Combined with even larger bucket volumes, this has increased the tearout force and tipping load to 165 kN and 12,500kg (Torion 1913) and 175 kN and 13,750kg (Torion 2014). In addition to the longer wheelbase, the higher operating weight of 18.5t (Torion 1913) and 19.6t (Torion 2014) make for optimum balance and greater stability. The maximum available hydraulic output has been increased from 234 l/min to 290 l/min to enable faster load cycles.

The engine output has been adapted in line with the increased load capacities and weights to ensure continued rapid and dynamic load cycles. With its efficient four-cylinder 7.01 litre Liebherr engine, the Torion 1913 now delivers 222 hp while the 7.96 displacement on the Torion 2014 develops 249 hp. Thanks to the low-speed concept, maximum power is achieved at a fuel-efficient 1,150 rpm with maximum torque at 1,100 rpm. The engine output efficiently transmits the driving force to the wheels via the proven split-power CMATIC transmission.

New addition to the mid-power range

The new Torion 1511 P brings with it more power, because as well as more engine output and torque, the Torion 1511 P also features a more powerful drive for noticeably enhanced driving dynamics.

Under the bonnet is a 6.8 litre six-cylinder DPS Stage V engine compliant with a rated output of 228 hp, which is precisely 40 hp more than in the Torion 1511. With a maximum torque of 900 Nm at 1,600 rpm, there is sufficient reserve capacity for even the highest clamp. What’s more, the Torion 1511 P operates efficiently with the assistance of the dynamic cooling function which adjusts the fan speed from 100 rpm to 1,050 rpm to suit the cooling requirement. The time interval for fan reversal, supplied as standard, can be adjusted in the control terminal.

The engine is mounted crosswise and well back in the machine, this provides excellent access for maintenance and acts as a counterbalance, so less extra ballast is needed at the rear of the Torion.

The oil pump capacity on the Varipower drive has been increased to 145 ccm to provide additional dynamism, allowing the Torion 1511 P to reach a Smart Roading top speed at a quiet, fuel-efficient

1800 rpm. By comparison, the hydraulic pump on the Torion 1511 has a capacity of 105 ccm. During rapid load cycles the new Torion 1511 P also benefits from its low operating weight, which is 300 kg below that of the Torion 1511, producing a favourable power-to-weight ratio of just 62 kg/hp.

The Varipower drive features three driving ranges to ensure that the optimum gear ratio is selected at all times. The second axial piston motor is automatically disconnected at speeds of over 16 km/h. Varipower also offers the same driving performance in forward and reverse and hydraulic braking assistance to reduce wear on the brakes and tyres.

Large tyres up to 750/65 R26 and two drive axles with self-locking differentials with a 45% lock value provide outstanding traction even under difficult conditions. The mudguards on the front wheels can be infinitely adjusted inwards by up to 10cm to provide an optimum view of the outer edges of the front wheels when working up against the walls of the clamp and this helps prevent damage to the mudguards. The height of the mudguards can also be adjusted by 36cm for clamp operations.

New features for the mid-range series

The other Torion models in the mid-range series – 1177, 1410 and 1511 – are also getting new equipment options and functions for the 2022 product year. One of the highlights is the optional joystick steering, which can be used instead of the steering wheel for routine tasks. The cab also features a new control panel in the right-hand armrest, while the curve radius of the front windscreen has been reduced towards the front to provide an undistorted view. Dynamic Steering is still available as an optional feature.

A new integrated and high-precision weighing system and a tyre pressure monitoring system in the terminal are also optionally available. As an option, the exhaust pipe can be supplied in corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

Up to 10 LED work lights can be fitted in the cab roof to supplement the two LED headlights with auxiliary side lights mounted next to the loader unit. Various equipment is available to improve safety when reversing, such as a rear camera, acoustic alarms and flashing lights (halogen or LED).

TORION range overview

TORION Operating weight (t) Articulated tipping load (t) Hydraulics (l/bar) Max. power output (Hp) (ECE R 120 Drive
2014 19,600 13,750 290/350 249 CMATIC
1913 18,550 12,500 234/350 222 CMATIC
1511 P 14,100 9,300 170/350 223 VARIPOWER
1511 14,200 10,500 170/350 184 VARIPOWER
1410 13,500 9,500 170/350 165 VARIPOWER
1177 11,770 7,750 136/330 137 VARIPOWER
639 5,600 3,850 77/230 68 Hydrostat
535 5,180 3,450 77/230 63 Hydrostat
956 SINUS 9,070 5,575 115/240 103 Hydrostat
644 SINUS 6,390 4,430 93/210 71 Hydrostat
537 SINUS 5,550 3,750 70/230 71 Hydrostat
738 T SINUS 7,000 3,800 93/230 71 Hydrostat