Trelleborg has stepped up to meet the growing demands of farmers looking to increase reliability and productivity in their ground spreading operations, with the release of its newest steel belted tire, the MPT100. Conceived for municipality and transport applications, the radial tire is specifically for use on multi-purpose vehicles and fertiliser trucks used in ground spreading.

Alessio Bucci, Product Marketing Senior Manager at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, says: “Trelleborg turned to the latest fleet machinery for inspiration in creating the MPT100 tire, which was designed for both field and road surfaces. The MPT100 tire ensures excellent stability and greater wear resistance, while its flat tread crown reduces soil compaction. The tire goes even further by providing for optimal self-cleaning as well, due to its carefully crafted inter-lug terraces that enable mud ejection and prevent the tread from clogging even in intensely muddy conditions; this way farmers can rely on a tire that’s always working at top efficiency.”

Ground spreading calls for higher horsepower and high loads and the MPT100 is proven to handle the intense demands of even the toughest operations. Minimising vibration and maximising roadability, while allowing for some of the highest load ratings on the market, the tires support an additional 1,100 kg tire rating even when running at speeds of 90 kilometres per hour.

The Trelleborg MPT100 is available in three sizes: 405/70R20, 425/75R20 and 445/65R22.5.