The Mitas AGRITERRA range of radial tyres for modern agricultural trailers now includes two new sizes – the 620/40R22.5 and 620/75R26 – with the AGRITERRA 02 tread pattern. These are primarily designed for special agricultural machines and not exclusively for trailers. The impetus for both these new tyres is the demand from the original equipment market.

The 620/40R22.5 size is designed for smaller, towed agricultural machinery such as balers, green fodder harvesters, spreaders, and similar equipment.  This new tyre size is intended primarily for the European market. The second new size, the 620/75R26, is the result of demand from the North American market and is intended for self-propelled windrowers for two-phase harvesting of various types of crops and grass. 

The key benefits of AGRITERRA tires include high load capacity and a maximum speed of up to 65 km/h, on the one hand reducing the number of trips needed to transport cargo and on the other enabling fast on-road transfer while reducing fuel consumption by up to 8% thanks to low rolling resistance.  The tyres are suitable for both on-road and off-road operations. Thanks to the open shoulder tread area, the tyres have excellent self-cleaning ability, resulting in 17% decrease in muddying of the road. These characteristics significantly improve the productivity of agricultural vehicles, with consequent positive impacts on farmers’ profits through time and money savings.

Originally launched in the market in 2015, the AGRITERRA 02 tire range now includes 14 sizes for rims of 22.5 to 30.5 inches, and it is constantly developing. As Pavel Kott, Product Manager for Mitas agricultural tyres at Trelleborg Wheel Systems adds: “Efforts to maximise soil protection and farmers’ desire for higher load capacities to improve efficiency have been some of the strongest trends in recent years. Our AGRITERRA 02 tyre range combines these two characteristics, making it very popular among customers all over the world. To support farmers and facilitate their everyday work, we continue to develop new sizes and versions of these tyres.”