MAX CUT cutter bar now available from 2.2m working width

CLAAS has introduced two new ranges of rear mower that feature a centre-of-gravity side mounted system. The two new ranges, the DISCO 10 and DISCO 100, comprise seven brand-new models that cover working widths from 3.4 down to 2.2m and also incorporate the proven MAX CUT mowing bed, which was previously only available on wider working width models. They replace the DISCO Inline and DISCO 50 series for the 2021 season.

New centre-of-gravity hitching for side-mounted DISCO mowers

A new feature for all side-mounted DISCO disc mowers is a centre-of-gravity hitching system, which ensures that the mower bed, much like mowers with centre pivoting, has a uniform contact pressure over the entire working width. The large suspension spring engages in the middle of the machine frame in this case. Furthermore, the line of force of the spring runs exactly through the centre of gravity of the mower unit. The force is evenly distributed to the mower bed by the inner and outer support, resulting in clean forage and an undamaged sward.

DISCO 10: Maximum cutting quality with low weight

CLAAS is now introducing the MAX CUT mower bed, familiar from the DISCO family and proven thousands of times over, to the entry-level segment of disc mowers with the three new DISCO 32, 28 and 24 side mounted mowers with working widths of 3.0, 2.6 and 2.2m.

The MAX CUT mower bed is manufactured in-house by CLAAS at its mower production centre at Bad Saulgau in Germany . A unique feature of the MAX CUT mower bed is that the mower bed is made from two pieces of bolted pressed steel plate, giving a higher torsional strength with less risk of cracking caused by welding heat stresses.

MAX CUT features a waved shape leading edge. This means the cutting discs can be mounted close to the front of the bed which, in combination with the new, specially formed discs, provides a greater overlap between the blades, creating an enlarged cutting area for optimum cutting quality and flow through the mower.

To achieve a clean cut and avoid soil contamination, extra-wide skids are fitted to the underside of the mower bed, which guide dirt and foreign material backwards. Additional wear skids and high cut skids are available as an option.

The satellite drive train of the MAX CUT is permanently lubricated and maintenance free. To fully protect the drive train, each mowing disc is mounted using a CLAAS SAFETY LINK module, which incorporates a pre-determined breaking point that will shear in the event of a collision, and is easy to replace.

The DISCO 10 series mowers have the usual sturdy design despite their low operating weight, achieved by using a very similar headstock and frame design to the previous higher specification DISCO 50 series.

They can work on slopes up to an angle of 45°. The mechanical anti-collision mechanism of the mower bed immediately responds to collisions and releases the mower bed to the rear. It automatically re-engages when reset.

A drive with a double gearbox comes as standard, allowing an extremely narrow transport position and a new folding angle of 95°. The powerful belt drive, again similar to the higher specification DISCO 50 series, attenuates load peaks and can be tensioned without tools using a rotary knob. As is the case with previous models, the power flow is directly fed into the inner mowing disc from above, which means that no inner shoe is required and efficiency is increased. The PTO shaft speed can be reduced from 540 rpm to 460 rpm in light crops or when topping, which significantly reduces diesel consumption.

The ease of maintenance is also well thought out. The mower bed is freely accessible over the entire working width thanks to the wide opening of the protective curtain from both the front or the rear. The blades are bolted onto the cutting discs allowing easy removal when required.

DISCO 100:

The DISCO 360 and 320 are straight mowers that have a working width of 3.4 and 3.0m respectively and replace the outgoing DISCO 3150 and 3450. Both models have the new mechanical centre of gravity and suspension springs that are adjustable without tools to ensure the mower can accurately follow ground contours. The DISCO 100 series also features a double gearbox, integrated anti-collision device and quick blade change. The sturdy design guarantees a long service life.

The new transport folding to 105°, i.e. over the centre of gravity, always ensures safe transfer even with lighter tractors. In keeping with the principle of “see and be seen”, the field of vision of the tractor’s rear-view mirrors is not restricted by the mowing unit and the rear lights are not obscured. The new double-acting hydraulic ram ensures a reliable and safe folding process even on hilly ground. It also has a cushioned end stop so that when folding for transport it sits at its final 105° position slowly and gently.

In addition, two new mower conditioner versions are available. The DISCO 320C and 280C have a working width of 3.0 and 2.6m respectively and are fitted with a full width steel tine conditioner, and fold to 95° for transport.

For the UK and Ireland versions, a headland stop is fitted as standard on DISCO 360, 320, 320C and 280 models and will also be a new option on the DISCO 32, 28 and 24. The optional parking frame allows space-saving and at the same time safe storage in the transport position for the DISCO 360, 320 and 280. All new DISCO 100 and 120 series mowers will also have road lights as standard.

DISCO 100 and DISCO 10

  Working width (m) Discs

(2 blades/disc)

PTO speed (rpm)

(reduced speed)

Transport angle (°)
DISCO 360 3.4 8 1000 (850) 105
DISCO 320 3.0 7 1000 (850) 105
DISCO 320C 3.0 7 1000 (850) 95
DISCO 280C 2.6 6 540 (460) 95
DISCO 32 3.0 7 540 (460) 95
DISCO 28 2.6 6 540 (460) 95
DISCO 24 2.2 5 540 (460) 95