HM-D Trailers is getting British businesses on the road again by helping them overcome the crippling effects of supply chain issues we are hearing about daily. 

In fact, over the past few years, British industry and in particular the road haulage sector has been battling problems with supply chains which have been further compounded by Covid-19 closing factories and borders, stalling production and cross-border trade. Brexit has created additional administration, uncertainty and delays. The knock-on effect caused lorry driver shortages; and now the devastating war in Ukraine has brought about an increase in oil prices. 

This has all combined to create a backlog in production and deliveries with demand outstripping supply. It now costs more than ever to move goods and takes longer to bring products and components into the UK. 

One solution to this comes in the simple form of road-trailers – the trusty workhorse of British commerce. 

These trailers are typically used by industry professionals from construction and ground-works, to farming and horticulture. Tiny house trailers can also be relied on to transport the likes of food kiosks, portable toilets, accommodation and portable shops. 

While many trailer manufacturers have themselves been hampered by supply chain issues – with customers having to wait until 2024 for their order, affecting trade today – UK company HM-D Trailers has avoided such delays. By locking in agreements with suppliers to maintain production it can offer immediately available trailers for all purposes. Its trailers are double-dip galvanised and come with a five-year chassis warranty. The company also offers a buy-back scheme on old HM-D Trailers. And to give businesses an extra boost HM-D is offering £80 off their trailers when quoting promo code “BIGTOW” during April 2022.

The brainchild of Neil Hall-McLean and Leo De Watts, who have a background in logistics, transport and engineering, they started HM-D Trailers after struggling to source trailers for another business project. 

“When we realised that others were having the same problem we set about solving the issue,” says Hall-McLean. “HM-D Trailers provides a range of immediately available, high-quality trailers, and our strategy enables us to significantly reduce waiting times to get businesses moving again. We’ve reduced bottlenecks and businesses can now get on with the job.”