Latest updates to the BvL V-Mix Drive range of self-propelled mixer wagons includes the addition of a user-friendly creep speed and automatic mixing functions as standard.

These new standard features on the V-MIX Drive self-propelled mixer wagon from diet feeder specialists BvL ensure even more convenience and precision, in addition to improved animal welfare.

A consistently uniform feed mixture, combined with maximum performance, is particularly important for animal health and productivity and these new standard features on the V-MIX Drive from BvL makes it easy to achieve this goal in the feeding process.

When loading the V-MIX DRIVE at the silage clamp, the new creep speed function enables the driver to set the maximum travel speed to suit his needs, allowing sensitive control of the accelerator pedal. Fine adjustment of the speed simplifies manoeuvring at the silage face. The well-proven profiled toothed roller then enables extremely gentle removal of the silage without disturbing the structure of the fodder.

After the diet-feeder hopper is filled, the automatic mixing system can be activated at the push of a button. There are settings for the auger speed and mixing time. The result is a consistent feed mix every day. When the set mixing time has elapsed, the augers automatically stop and the machine decreases the engine rpm to idle speed. Diesel consumption is therefore reduced as soon as the augers are switched off.  Additional tasks such as cleaning the feed table or pushing in feed can be carried out at the same time, since the operator does not have to stay in the cab.

The creep speed function can also be used when discharging to maintain the individually configured speed for an even flow of the diet mix.

The user-friendly controls in the well-organised driver’s cab of the V-MIX Drive ensure that every employee on the farm can carry out the feeding process with the same uniformity and high level of convenience.

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